Sunday, August 31, 2008

Maryland garage owner fatally shoots would-be robber: "Baltimore police say the owner of an auto repair shop fatally shot a man trying to rob his business. It happened around 6:30 p.m. Friday at Joe's Garage in northwest Baltimore. Police spokesman Sterling Clifford says this was the second time that owner Joseph Goldman has shot someone trying to rob his business, but he did not have further details about the first shooting. In Friday's incident, police say two men entered the business and displayed a handgun, but Goldman grabbed his own gun and fired at the men, hitting one. The injured man was taken to Sinai Hospital where police say he was pronounced dead. Police did not release that man's name. The second man fled and police are still looking for him."

Indiana: 2 robbers flee, 1 finds a fight: "A homeowner and his son fought off a robber Wednesday night during an attempted home invasion in southern Allen County. Police from several local agencies flocked to the Pheasant Run housing addition south of Dunkelberg Road after an officer who responded to the robbery reported hearing shots fired and that an officer was in trouble. Police later learned that no one was shot and the officer was OK, police said. Several people, including teenagers, were home when three men tried to enter the home. Two of the robbers fled, leaving one behind. The homeowner and his teenage son wrestled with the man and at some point the homeowner was hit in the head with an unknown object, police said. The homeowner suffered a cut to his head and was treated and released. No one else was hurt, Fries said. When police arrived, the remaining robber ran and the officer began to chase him. That’s when a neighbor thought he’d help and fired a shot toward the suspect, Fries said. Police dogs were used to try and track the three robbers but none had been found by midnight. It was unclear whether they were armed, Fries said."

Texas Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor's Dogs: "A North Texas family is mourning the loss of two of their pets. The nine-month-old pit bulls were shot and killed by a neighbor who says it was self defense. The shooting happened in a neighborhood off Ten Mile Bridge Road in northwest Fort Worth. The man who pulled the trigger says he didn't have any choice. But the dogs' owners disagree. Kristopher Harrison has a six-year-old daughter. He says that's why he was upset when two pit bulls wandered into his backyard Saturday afternoon. Harrison says he told his next door neighbors, if it happened again, he would shoot the dogs. And that's exactly what he did around 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Harrison says he and a friend were taking a break from watching the Olympics when the nine-month-old dog named 'Scarface' crawled under the fence. Harrison had his shotgun with him, so he says he shot the dog and the dog's sister, 'Lady'. "He was showing his teeth, growling and he was coming at me," Harrison explained. "The second dog, I didn't know. I didn't think I was going to have to shoot him, because he seemed a little hesitant. But then he looked at the hole in the fence. I thought he was going to go back under, then he turned around and started coming at me and that's when I shot him." Fort Worth Police are reviewing the case, but they say if the dogs were in the neighbor's yard when they were shot it's unlikely that any charges will be filed."

SC father/son shooting ruled self-defense: "Charges will not be filed against a Belton father who fatally shot his 26-year-old son earlier this year. Tenth Circuit Solicitor Chrissy Adams said witness statements and evidence show that 53-year-old Daniel Bratcher shot his son, Bryan Bratcher, in self-defense. South Carolina Law Enforcement Division test results show that Bryan Bratcher’s blood-alcohol level was .228 percent, a news release from Adams said. In earlier reports in the Independent-Mail, officials indicated that Bratcher’s blood-alcohol level was .18 percent. Bratcher was shot on April 21, after he reportedly came home from work and became combative with his family. Reports stated that Daniel Bratcher tried to shoot his son once, aiming the gun low in an attempt to stop him but not kill him. Then Bryan Bratcher started choking his father, reports stated, and his father fired another shot. That one was fatal. “The forensic evidence, along with the autopsy results were consistent with witness statements,” Adams said in her release."

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