Sunday, August 17, 2008

Florida: 2 Dead In Game Store Shooting : "A gun battle erupted in a store at a shopping mall in Miami Gardens that left two people dead and shoppers running for cover. The Miami-Dade Police Department said three men entered the MultiVest Xtreme Video Games store on 183rd Street and Northwest Seventh Ave. Shortly after, a gun battle erupted between the manager, Corey Robinson, and one of the men, police said. Police said both the manager and one of the men had a weapon. Both men died at the scene, police said. “The manager managed to shoot one of the subjects, who is now deceased, inside, and the manager was also shot,” Bobby Williams of the Miami-Dade Police Department said... Police said the other two men fled the scene. One left on foot; the other in a car. Police said they are investigating the scene and looking for the other men."

North Dakota Shooting Called Self-Defense: "Who did it? That is cut and dry for Minot police, which is not typical in a shooting case. Minot Police were called to this RV park just after 10:00 last night, August 14, for reports of gun shots fired. When they arrived they found 42-year old Jonnie Guerrero with three gunshots wounds to his leg. Shortly thereafter they also found a female and two males sitting outside a nearby trailer. "The female had a gun in her possession and she admitted to using it on the victim who we had found," says Detective Jason Sundbakken, Minot Police Department. Police say the group had been sitting outside when Guerrero approached them and started causing problems leading to a fight that eventually turned physical. "The altercation blossomed into the gun shot victim brining a large metal pipe of some kind, allegedly, and swinging it at this lady`s husband. She was in fear of his life and therefore she took the gun she had in her pocket out and fired four rounds," says Det. Sundbakken. The gun was a .22 caliber derringer pistol. It had been given to her by her husband for safety. It holds two shots. She fired four. She shot twice, reloaded and shot two more times. "Due to the fact that she was acting in a way that was in self-defense of her husband and everybody else that was there, they are deciding not to pursue charges against her," says Det. Sundbakken."

Missouri Family Fights Back In Home Invasion: "A family fought back against a group of armed intruders that broke into a Kansas City, Kan., home early Friday morning, police said. Police received a 911 call from a house near North 74th Court and Oakland Avenue just after midnight. A man who lives in the house said when the men burst into the house, his son was able to escape and get help while he and his brother were held at gunpoint. "These guys had us in there for about 20 minutes. One of them came outside and tried to get in my Escalade. When that guy went outside, my brother, who was here with me, jumped up and grabbed the gun from him. I went downstairs and grabbed my gun, and the shootout was on after that," the man said. Two of the alleged intruders were wounded in the shooting. Police took three of the four suspected home invaders into custody. The homeowner said he thinks these were the same men who broke into his home days earlier."

Virginia homeowner holds gun on man until police arrive: "An Ivor resident who returned home early one day last week was able to help police apprehend a man who had broken into at least two homes along Holloman Drive. When he got home last Tuesday and found a man ransacking his house, the burglary victim grabbed a shotgun, confronted the man and held him at bay until police could arrive on the scene. When they got there, they found that the man, 35-year-old Christopher Michael Hosking, who is listed as “homeless” in court records, was in possession of a handgun that had been stolen from another house nearby, along with cash that had been taken from the second victim’s home, according to Detective Cpl. Richard Morris of the Southampton Sheriff’s Office. Hosking was charged with breaking and entering, grand larceny, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and first-offense possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor. Morris said the man also has criminal charges pending in South Carolina"

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