Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OK: Man shot after arguing with woman : "Officers said a man and woman were fighting at Northeast 28th Street and Santa Fe Avenue when another man pulled up in a truck. The woman got into the truck, police said, but the man she was fighting with broke the back window and tried to pull her through it. That's when the truck's driver shot the man twice."

NY man escapes flurry of bullets but accidentally shoots himself: "A man escaped a flurry of shots fired at him in a drive-by shooting, but when he tried to return fire, he accidentally shot himself, The Buffalo News learned today. The man was in the 100 block of Hagen Street, in the Bailey-Delavan neighborhood, at about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday when a burgundy vehicle pulled up to him and a gunman inside fired shots at him, according to Northeast District Police. The man, whose identity is being withheld by The News for his protection, told detectives that he attempted to return fire and suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. No charges have been filed against the man nor has the gunman who fired from the vehicle been located. The man was treated in Erie County Medical Center and released."

California gun control: "Gun control laws frequently require the use of technology by law enforcement, as well as placing requirements on manufacturers and, ultimately, the consumer. Are these effective? Since I live in California I will focus on local laws, the #1 state for the Brady Campaign. Registration - Many states, including California, require gun registration, most often just for handguns. There are several problems with registration. Who must register? Who maintains the records? How to handle private sales or transfers? How to handle lost/stolen weapons? The main problem is the thousands of hours of administrative burden. And what are the real benefits? Professor John Lott found that in Chicago and Washington D.C., there have been no crimes where tracing a gun back to the registered owner was instrumental in identifying someone involved in a crime. ("Gun Licensing Leads to Increased Crime, Lost Lives", L.A. Times, Aug 23, 2000). And there is always the question if the lists of gun registrations could be used later for confiscation. If you do not think guns will be seized from lawful gun owners without just cause, just look at the fiasco in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. [Much more at the link]

WA: Seattle holds off on gun restrictions : "As summer began, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said he was taking steps to prohibit guns on all city-owned property after three people were injured in a shooting at Seattle Center's Northwest Folklife festival. But as the Center's summer festival season concludes with Bumbershoot this weekend, no prohibition has taken effect. . In the state Legislature, representatives and senators have asked state Attorney General Rob McKenna to issue an informal legal opinion on whether state law pre-empts Nickels' executive order. . Also, the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, both based in Bellevue, have notified Nickels they intend to mount a legal challenge to the executive order."

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