Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CA: Jury says Oxnard gang shooting was self-defense: "A jury Tuesday found that a gang member acted in self-defense when he shot at rival Colonia Chiques gang members in 2007, across the street from an Oxnard school as students were being let out of classes. The Ventura County Superior Court jury found Librado Navarette, 22, not guilty of shooting at an occupied vehicle, street terrorism and possession of a firearm. “It was very clear to the jury that they were there to kill,” said Navarette’s lawyer, Christopher Welch, who works at the Public Defender’s Office. Welch said almost all the jurors stayed after the trial to talk to attorneys and discuss the case. “Jurors said it was clear that it was self-defense,” said Welch. “The Colonia Chiques weren’t there to bring him flowers.”

GA: Man shoots at intruder: “A Macon man told police he was protecting his wife, three kids, and his home after he shot at an intruder. … The man told officers he was asleep on his living room sofa, when he heard a noise. The man says he woke up to find a man coming through his window. He says he yelled at the intruder, but he kept coming through the window, according to the police report. The man says he sleeps with a gun, so he pulled it out and fired two rounds at the intruder, according to the police report. The intruder backed out of the window, according to the police report. The man says he doesn’t know if he hit the intruder, but he did hit his big screen television. The officer says he ran a check on the man and his gun, and both came back clean.”

Florida robber shot and killed: "A Hollywood, Fla., man, who died over the weekend after he was shot earlier in the week, apparently had been trying to rob another man when he was fatally injured, Lake City police reported. Lenoris Owens, 27, was found semiconscious and bleeding shortly before 10 p.m. on Aug. 12 near the intersection of Congress and Saint Clair streets, according to the Lake City Police Department. He died Saturday. Police described Owens' injuries as a gunshot wound to the head. Investigators now believe Owens was trying to rob a Lake City man when he was wounded. The two had struggled over the weapon when the other man, Oteger Greene, 24, got the gun and fired twice, hitting Owens once, according to officers. Initially, police identified Greene as a person of interest in the case. But officers now think Greene was trying to protect himself, Capt. Rudolph Davis said. "The evidence points that he was defending himself," he said."

AZ: Guns now visible outside Obama appearances: "President Obama spoke to a veterans group in Phoenix Monday, KVIA News reported. Outside, amidst protesters, were roughly a dozen people carrying guns, one of them with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. This was the latest case of firearms openly visible at a presidential event. Last week in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a man stood outside an Obama healthcare town hall meeting carrying … a pistol strapped to his leg. According to Second Amendment advocates who do not trust the present administration’s stand on gun rights, they are just exercising their constitutional right to bear arms. Advocates of more gun control call this a disaster waiting to happen.”

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