Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MI: Teen tries to rob Detroiter, ends up shot by victim: “A 17-year-old would-be armed robber had the tables turned on him this morning when his intended victim pulled out his own gun and shot the teen, police said. Now, instead of the money he allegedly sought to steal, the teen will get a lengthy hospital stay — and, if he recovers and is convicted, a lengthy prison sentence. … ‘The 17-year-old came up behind a 32-year-old man behind the apartment building and tried to rob him at gunpoint,’ Roach said. ‘But the 32-year-old had a CCW (a license to carry a concealed weapon), and had his own sidearm with him. He pulled his weapon and they exchanged gunfire.’ When the shooting was over, the 32-year-old had only suffered a minor injury to the head, while the alleged bandit was seriously wounded.”

Ark. shooting suspect claims self defense: "The man arrested after the shooting death of a Cabot man near Mayflower is claiming self defense. Authorities arrested 43-year-old Audie Taylor in the Saturday morning shooting of 37-year-old Sean Michael Engle outside a camper near Mayflower. Faulkner County Sheriff's Maj. Andy Shock says Taylor told police he was at the camper when Engle came to the door with a club-like weapon and threatened him. Engle was shot below the ribs with a .22 caliber pistol. Taylor is in custody on $10,000 bond on a charge of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. No charges have been filed in Engle's death."

Now a gun ban dreamland, is crime in Britain out of control? “Great Britain has long been held as the shining example of what can be accomplished via gun control. Handgun ownership is all but unheard of and rifles and shotguns are tightly controlled and citizens require a ‘good reason’ to be issued a permit to own one. Historically, self-defense has not been considered a good enough reason.Now, the Daily Mail reports that while law abiding citizens have been nearly universally disarmed, the criminals have not and flaunt their power. According to the Mail, ‘the level of violent crime in Britain has risen by 70 per cent. Gun crime is up by more than half and there are more than 100 serious knife crimes each day, with fatal stabbings having reached the highest level on record.’”

SCOTUS: Second Amendment cases up early: “The Supreme Court will consider two new cases on the scope of individuals’ Second Amendment right to have guns at its first Conference for the new Term, on Sept. 29 … Both petitions challenge a Seventh Circuit Court ruling that the Amendment does not restrict gun control laws adopted by state, county or city government, but applies only to federal laws. The cases are National Rifle Association v. Chicago (08-1497) and McDonald v. Chicago (08-1521). The so-called ‘incorporation’ issue is the most significant sequel issue raised in the wake of the Court’s 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, recognizing for the first time a personal right to have a gun for self-defense, at least in one’s home.”

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