Monday, August 03, 2009

Texas man killed in shooting: "A 58-year-old Palestine man is dead after being shot and killed Monday night as he aggressively approached the home of an Anderson County family with whom he had a long-running feud, according to authorities. Alton Ray Hassell, 58, of Palestine was shot once in the chest by 64-year-old Howard Miller around 6:30 p.m. Monday at the latter’s residence on U.S. 84, approximately 6 miles east of Palestine, according to Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor. Hassell was pronounced dead at the scene by Anderson County Justice of the Peace Carl Davis, according to the sheriff. Following the fatal shooting, Miller was interviewed at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office by investigators, but authorities have deemed the man’s actions to be self-defense and no charges have been filed, according to Taylor. Hassell had an extensive criminal history, having been arrested on 43 charges in Anderson County over the past eight years, according to the sheriff. Those charges included a wide range of offenses, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; evading arrest; deadly conduct; DWI; criminal mischief; and others, he added. Seven of those charges involved the Miller family as victims, according to Taylor. At the time of Monday’s shooting, there was a court order in effect, prohibiting Hassell from being within 1,000 feet of the Millers’ residence, according to the sheriff."

AL: Brazen robber shot by guards: "Saturday night Katie and some of her family went to "It's Your Lucky Day Bingo" in Jasper. She said when she headed over to the teller booth to check out, a man suddenly appeared. "A man with a ski mask, blue coveralls, work boots and a pump shot, shotgun entered the building," she said. Sheriff Tirey said 43 year old William Cantrell of the Pineywoods community entered the building, ready to take a serious gamble. "Armed with a shotgun and handgun the suspect fired into the ceiling several times yelling 'everybody get out this is a robbery.' The suspect immediately went to the cashier's cages, fired rounds into the lock mechanism to gain entry to where the tellers were at," said the sheriff. The sheriff said two security officers confronted the robber, but the officers started shooting when the robber pointed the gun at them. He died at the scene."

TN: Five local restaurants prohibit guns or likely to: “Five of 11 Oak Ridge restaurants surveyed this week said they either will prohibit guns in their businesses or are leaning toward doing so under a new state law that went into effect July 14. Conversely, two restaurants said they will allow permit holders to carry weapons. Meanwhile, representatives at four other establishments said they have either not yet made a decision or not announced one. The new Tennessee law allows permit holders to carry weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol as long as the person carrying the gun doesn’t drink. Restaurant owners can reportedly ‘opt out’ of the legislation by posting signs announcing a ban on weapons in their establishments.”

Socialism’s dirty little secret: “There is a common thread that runs through socialist governments like this one exactly the way the orange thread runs through a pair of jeans. Victim disarmament, for example — what its advocates prefer to call ‘gun control’ — is the utterly despicable position that insists it’s somehow morally preferable to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose than to see her on her feet with a gun in her hand. Victim disarmament is a policy that not only doesn’t work, but actually causes many more problems than it ever promised to solve. But it makes the Macy-Marxists feel so warm and fuzzy inside!”

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