Sunday, August 09, 2009

WV: Deadly shooting began over comments about interracial dating: "The confrontation between neighbors that turned deadly Thursday night was over a son dating a black girl, the father said Friday morning. Chad Friend, 20, of 39th Street, Parkersburg, was shot and killed Thursday evening after he and his father, Ronald Friend, went to speak with the neighbor over the comments about a younger son, Cory, and the girl. Friend identified the neighbor, but the newspaper is withholding the name pending charges. "I didn't go over there for a gunfight," Friend said. "I had no idea he would do what he did." The Parkersburg Police Department issued a press release shortly after noon on Friday stating the investigation was continuing and numerous witnesses had been interviewed. The release also raises the possibility of self defense. Prosecutor Jason Wharton wouldn't identify the neighbor or speak to Friend's account of what happened. He did say no one was in custody and no one had been charged. Friend said he confronted the neighbor about the remarks and once put his hands on the neighbor's shoulders. The neighbor became agitated and chased Friend around the corner of the house and off the property, Friend said. Friend went into his house for a drink of water and said he decided to return to the neighbor's and asked Chad to accompany him. The neighbor answered his door armed with a shotgun, Friend said. "He pushed the door open with the barrel of the gun," Friend said. Fearing that he and Chad would be shot in the back if they retreated, Friend said he pushed the weapon upward and knocked it away from the neighbor. "It happened so fast," Friend said. The neighbor regained control of the weapon and fired one shot, striking Chad in the chest."

NC man fights off robber with sword: "Normally you lose when you bring a knife to a gunfight, but not Ramiro Silva. He and his 14 year old son stopped their truck when they smelled some wires burning and were confronted by a robber. Ramiro Silva Jr. says "when we pulled over this man came to our door and he had a gun." That gun was a sawed off shotgun, but it didn't frighten the 42-year-old landscaper. He was thinking about the cash he lost and how difficult it was going to be to feed his wife and six children. The gunman stuffed the shotgun into a bag and ran into the woods and Mr. Silva grabbed his machete, a fearsome looking blade, and went in after him. "He said to give him his money back, he's not really going to kill him, but he wants his money back cause he had the machete ready, so he throw the money back to him," says Silva. Silva wacked the suspect with the sword, using the face not the blade. He still left his mark bending the weapon. "Yeah bend like dad used all his force to get his money back," says Silva. Turns out the gun was not loaded, and the suspect dropped it during the confrontation. He did do one thing right, he escaped and police are trying to find him."

GA: Invaders fought off: " Three Loganville men and two juveniles are sitting in jail after police said they kicked in a man's door and tried to rob him at gunpoint Friday morning. John Al Harris, 21, Jeremiah Remyto Lanier and Daniel Julius Olbert, both 18, are charged with armed robbery in the incident, which authorities said happened about 12:30 a.m. According to reports, the five suspects went to the Ryland Avenue residence armed with a shotgun, rifle and small handgun. Police spokesman Cpl. David Schiralli said they forced their way in the door and demanded money. "At this time, it is believed that the suspects knew the victim and thought he was in possession of a large amount of cash," Schiralli said. An ensuing struggle between the male victim and one of the suspects ended when the shotgun discharged, reports said, and all five suspects ran to a nearby car. The vehicle was spotted by a Snellville police officer a short time later, police said, and all five suspects were taken into custody without incident. Schiralli said all three weapons allegedly used in the robbery attempt were found inside the vehicle. The victim received minor injuries in the struggle and was treated and released from an area hospital, according to reports. Harris, Olbert and Lanier are being held without bond at the Gwinnett County Jail while the two juveniles are being held at the Regional Youth Detention Center."

Choose Your Weapons: "There exists a great choice in handguns that provides the unique ability to fire either a .410 shotgun round or the 45 Colt center-fire round. This handgun is made by Taurus and is called "The Judge." It comes in blue or stainless finish and a choice of several barrel lengths. A .410 shotgun round would be devastating at short range and best of all would not penetrate inner walls within the house unless hit at very close range. .410 shotgun ammo is usually readily available although .45 Colt ammo is harder to find, due mainly to its use in Cowboy Action Shooting. Please note there is a difference between .45 ACP and .45 Colt firearms and ammo and they are not interchangeable! While the size and weight of the "Judge" make it impractical for concealed carry for many, the potential devastation of five rounds of .410 shotgun rounds make it ideal for home defense and a nightmare for any potential carjacker when carried in your automobile or truck.... The caliber of your chosen handgun is much less important than your ability to hit the target and correct any malfunctions of that firearm under duress. After all, one hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a .44 Mag."

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