Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anti-gun liars

This year, Wisconsin became the 49th state to recognize the right of its citizens to carry firearms.1 Now, only one state remains in the Dark Ages — that being the state of Illinois.

But as can be imagined, the anti-gun media is predicting that letting citizens carry firearms will result in carnage in the streets, shootouts in bars, and angry parents settling scores on the ball field with their firearms.

And to supposedly prove their point, they cite a bogus report of the Violence Policy Center (VPC), entitled “Concealed Carry Killers.” The faux report says that “since May 2007 at least 300 people — including 11 law enforcement officers — have been killed by private citizens legally allowed to carry handguns in killings not ruled self-defense ….”2

An article at PajamasMedia.com has done a good analysis of the VPC “report,” showing that the anti-gun group:

*Double counts victims to inflate their statistics;

*Counts people who are still alive today, as though they had been murdered by concealed carry permit holders;

*Includes deaths that were caused by rifles, beatings or strangulation — in other words, tabulating deaths that were clearly NOT caused by concealed handguns; and

*In some cases, even counts “murderers” who were later cleared in court as having acted in self-defense.3

According to the Pajamas Media analysis, less than half of the deaths which were attributed to concealed carry holders by the VPC were actually “committed by a permit holder drawing and firing his or her concealed weapon.”4

Less than half?

Yes, less than half of the killings were actually committed by a handgun that was in the possession of a concealed carry permit holder. That was the analysis as of December 21, 2009. Sadly, VPC’s reporting has not gotten any better in the following two years.

VPC still embellishing its figures to demonize gun owners

With the Wisconsin law set to go into effect on November 1, 2011, VPC is excoriating the Badger State for ignoring the “bloody record of police deaths, mass shootings, and attempted political assassination” which have supposedly been perpetrated by concealed carry holders.

There are some in the media who are peddling this hype and using VPC’s bogus statistics to scare the public.5 But what goes unnoticed by a gullible media is that VPC is still inflating the number of “concealed killers,” even while they ignore the fact that the average citizen — yes, even the average cop — is much more likely to commit a crime with a gun than is a gun owner with a concealed carry permit.

More here

Repeal all gun laws: "At the core of suspicion is the concept that regulation or even a gun ban would have helped. No honest gun owner would believe this because they understand deeply how they are the only one they can count on in time of violence. The entire purpose of carrying a gun is --- as we often say -- because a cop is too heavy."

Oregon court overturns campus gun ban: "In a ruling late last month, the Oregon State Court of Appeals overturned a longstanding firearm ban at The University of Oregon. Jeff Maxwell, a U.S. Marine and student, was arrested and suspended from school for having a concealed weapon in a university building and, thus, violating the no-gun policy. The Oregon Firearms Federation filed a lawsuit on his behalf after the incident. There are currently 15 states that allow universities to decide whether concealed weapons should be banned, but this case could potentially change those states' laws regarding guns, as it ruled that universities do not have the "institutional authority" to regulate guns.
"It's a state law decision having to do with who gets to make state rules concerning guns," David Franklin, a professor at DePaul's College of Law, said. "The court held that only the state legislature can do so."

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