Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CA: Man who shot another acted in self-defense, DA's office says: "Criminal charges will be dismissed against a 46-year-old man arrested in August for shooting another man in the Montgomery Creek area in an apparent dispute over a marijuana grow, the Shasta County district attorney’s office announced today. Senior Deputy District Attorney Kelly Kafel said in a news release that the charges will be dropped against Terence Seed, who she said acted in self defense when he shot Todd Finch, 25, in the shoulder on Aug. 28. Hexum told the investigator that he tried to pull Seed away from Finch as they fought, and that he and Finch fell to the ground and that Seed was let go. Hexum said he saw Seed fire one shot at Finch from about 7 feet away, hitting him in the chest-shoulder area, the sheriff’s report said. In Kafel’s news release, she noted that the cell phones of the two witnesses were examined and that text messages on Finch’s cell phone contained information that Seed was going to be attacked."

Canadians finally scrap long-gun registry: "Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews tabled a bill to scrap long-run registry in the House of Commons on Tuesday. The federal government is making good on a promise to rural Canadians and law-abiding firearms owners to scrap the long-gun registry and destroy all evidence of its existence so future governments and other jurisdictions can't easily resurrect it. A controversial subject that has long pitted urban dwellers against their rural neighbours, the 20-page piece of legislation drew reaction from stakeholders almost immediately after Public Safety Minister Vic Toews tabled the bill Tuesday in the Commons. New Democrats and Liberals argued the move seemed counterintuitive for a government hell bent on law and order, while hunting enthusiasts and members of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation applauded the long-awaited bill. [A billion dollar boondoggle that accomplished nothing]

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