Friday, October 21, 2011

CA: Market owner shoots habitual criminals: "The Coroner has released the names of the men who were shot at a southeast market Tuesday night and both men were recently released from prison and had extensive criminal records. Efrem Wandick, 41 and David Lyons, 24 were shot at the Central-Cali Market on East California Avenue. Both men spent time in prison for being in a gang and possessing firearms. Family members who protested against the store Thursday say what happened Tuesday night didn't have to end in violence. "The owner (Samrith Vong) didn't go to jail, he shot them for what? All the family wants to know is, for what? If it was an argument or whatever it wasn't cause for no killing," said Randle. She says Vong could have called 911. The clerks in the store declined interviews, but did the shooter act in self defense? Attorney Kathryn Fox says even if a person is running away, self-defense can be used depending on the situation."

RI: Drug dealer sees of robbers but grabbed by cops: "The victim of a home invasion in Providence went before a judge Thursday. Investigators said 23-year-old Michael Badessa was the intended target Wednesday night when he and three others were held up on the first floor of 270 Knight St. by two armed intruders. Police said Badessa fired a pistol at the intruders and hit one. Thirty-year-old Jose Dearmas collapsed in a neighbor's driveway. He was taken to Rhode Island Hospital, where he was in serious condition. The other man got away. Although Badessa was a victim, police found large amounts of drugs -- cocaine and 10 pounds of marijuana -- in his second-floor apartment. He was arraigned Thursday on those charges, not for firing a gun at the intruders. He was ordered held without bail."

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