Sunday, October 23, 2011

CA: Bully finally gets shot: "The shooting in Monrovia, Calif., appeared to be self-defense after Blair threatened his business partner, said Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Det. Dan McElderry. But he said the case still is under investigation and will be submitted to the District Attorney's Office for a decision whether to file charges. The violent death was the end of a life visited by violence from an early age. "Sometime in his teenage years he began exhibiting the behavior that followed him through his life," said Brett Blair, a half-brother who said he is "a member of the United Methodist clergy." Brett Blair said he lives in Memphis and Florida, but had cut off relations with his brother about 1975.

British man on trial for shooting black (above) who was breaking into his apartment: "An unarmed burglar was shot in broad daylight by a man whose ground floor flat he had broken in to. Raymond Andes, fired a single round which hit 21-year-old Isaiah Bovell in the head in the garden of his south London home, the Old Bailey heard. Andes, 39, accepts firing the weapon, but denies murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life on the grounds that he acted 'in reasonable self defence trying to scare off someone he believed to be attempting to break-in'. Mr Bovell had gone to Mr Andes flat in Clapham with two others who were waiting outside the front of the property, the court heard on Friday. He was shot shortly before 11.15am on April 14, as he tried to force entry into the property via the ground floor bedroom window. The burglar was pronounced dead at the scene." [It's a jury trial so he could well get off]

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Anonymous said...

The jury will be instructed by the judge, who's interpretation of self defence will bow to the will of the ruling elite (being a member). He will likely do time if found guilty of criminal pocession of a gun.