Sunday, May 13, 2012

AL: Argument escalates into gun fight:  "Two men alleged to have been involved in a gunfight Friday in Anniston sustained non-life threatening injuries as a result, according to police.  Anniston police Sgt. Josh Doggrell said two men fired shots at each other around noon Friday in an empty lot near the 2600 hundred block of Noble Street.  “They appeared to be acquaintances, and they got into an argument,” Doggrell said. “That escalated into a fist fight, and the fist fight escalated into a gunfight.”  One man was shot three times and transported to Regional Medical Center, Doggrell said, but was discharged later that day. The other man sustained minor injuries from the fist fight.  No arrests have been made.  “The one that didn’t suffer gunshot wounds claimed self-defense,” Doggrell said. “From statements made that seems to be consistent.”

GA: Ex cop stops   armed robbery:  "He had a black and white cap on and a yellow bandana over his mouth and over his nose. You couldn't even see his eyes -- he was that covered up," Martin said.  "He says, 'Give me your money.' I told him I didn't have no money, then he pops his gun and says, 'B****, I said I want your money,' and I said, 'I already told you I don't have no money.' I mean, I thought it was a joke," Martin said.  Luckily for Martin, an unofficial security guard and retired cop was nearby and knew it was no joke.  "Then Lennard pulled his gun out and started shooting and then he ran out the door and he fell," Martin said.  Every night Lennard McBride volunteers to work security at the convenience store behind his home.   "I had just walked in and was standing there and he come in waving a gun around and told us it was a holdup and he wanted all the money," McBride said.  Martin refused to hand over cash, giving McBride the half a second he needed.  "When he turned away from looking at me and looked at the clerk, I eased my pistol out and started popping caps," McBride said."

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