Friday, May 11, 2012

CA:  Knifeman chased off by gun:  "The suspect reportedly brandished a knife and demanded money or food from a man and his girlfriend who were eating at a nearby restaurant at about 7:50 p.m., said Andrew Neiman, an LAPD spokesman.  The man who was dining, a retired police officer, pulled a gun and chased the robbery suspect, who fled into the Gregory's shoe store on Melrose Avenue.  No injuries have been reported"

SC: Kid shot while attempting to rob drug dealer:  "Calvin Busby received a bond of $25,000 for his charge of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Officials say Busby was the target of a failed robbery that resulted in the death of a 14-year-old.  Family members say accused drug dealer Calvin Busby didn’t fire the shot that killed a 14-year-old.  Shakeyia Benjamin said Busby has told his family he fired several warning shots in the air to frighten away his would-be robbers.  Terek Wright, 14, of 140 Joe Paul Drive, Cordova, died from loss of blood after being shot in the abdomen.  He and two others attempted to rob Busby in an otherwise quiet Cordova neighborhood on Monday night, officials claim. Brothers John Riley, 20, and Jerrell Richardson, 17, both of 231 Joe Paul Drive, are each charged with attempted armed robbery.  Busby was taken in on a charge of possession with intent to distribute marijuana."

MO: Police chief drops demand for victim disarmament ordinance:  "Washington Police Chief Ken Hahn has withdrawn his call for an ordinance making it illegal to openly carry firearms in the city limits. ... The police chief said he changed his mind after consulting with City Counselor Mark Piontek who said that a weapon would have to be readily capable of lethal use, meaning it has to be loaded, for a violation to occur. 'That would require our officers to check to see if a gun is loaded which they can’t do without probable cause,' Chief Hahn told The Missourian Tuesday. 'It’s a dead issue,' Hahn remarked"

Dershowitz: Fire Prosecutor in Trayvon Martin Case:  "The special prosecutor in charge of trying Trayvon Martin’s killer should be fired from the case because she has made it clear that her priority is to “get” George Zimmerman, says leading appeals case lawyer Alan Dershowitz in an exclusive Newsmax TV interview.   Florida Gov. Rick Scott should never have appointed Angela Corey to the racially sensitive case in the first place, added the Harvard law professor.  “She has a terrible reputation in Florida for over-charging and being political and holding her finger to the wind and seeing which way the wind is blowing,” said Dershowitz, who has been an outspoken critic of the handling of the case.  “This prosecutor says she is here to do justice for Trayvon Martin and that is not the job of a prosecutor. The job of a prosecutor is to do justice period, to let the chips fall where they may, and even to resolve doubts in favor of the defendant."

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