Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SC: Man stopped robbery attempt in Myrtle Beach, surprised suspects with his gun:  "A 46-year-old man told Myrtle Beach police he surprised two would-be robbers with his gun and forced the suspect to drop his gun, according to authorities.  Officers learned the 46-year-old man was inside his room with the door open when he saw some men enter the property and come up the stairs, according to the report. The victim told police he put his handgun in his pocket because “it didn’t look right.”  The victim said when he turned around two men, armed with a gun, were standing in his room pointing the gun at him demanding marijuana, according to the report. The victim told the men he didn’t have any drugs and then pointed his gun at them. The victim made the suspect put his gun down and then made them leave the room without taking anything, according to the report."

Experts Weigh in After Four Witnesses in Trayvon Martin Case Change Story:  "Several key witnesses in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman have changed their original stories since first being interviewed by law enforcement, according to news reports about recently released evidence in the case. Some analysts cited in the media speculated that three of those revised accounts might hurt the shooter’s claims of self-defense as the second-degree murder prosecution goes through the Florida court system.  Experts in the field, however, have noted that later recollections — which could be impacted by external factors such as publicity, for example — are thought to be less reliable than earlier memories. And the addition of post-event information into the memory reconstruction process, normally unbeknownst to the person, is one reason why psychologists believe that eyewitness testimony can often be unreliable."  [In ANY criminal trial, a changed story is normally regarded as unreliable evidence]

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