Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Texas Jewelry Store Owner Engages in Shoot-Out With Robber:  "On May 9, an attempted robbery turned violent when a man posing as a customer tried to rob Randy’s Fine Jewelers in Beaumont, Texas.  The suspect, identified as Joshua Nowland, 35, revealed a gun and ordered a customer and employee to lie on the floor. Nowland then allegedly fired a bullet at the store’s owner, hitting his upper leg. The store’s owner retrieved his own handgun, striking Nowland several times in his upper body. The store’s owner held Nowland at gunpoint outside the store until police officers arrived at the scene.  The owner suffered a wound in his leg but remains in good condition. Nowland, however, had to receive surgery to remove a bullet in his abdominal cavity. After surgery, he will remain in the custody of Beaumont police."

Some good news out of NJ:  "A blind gun collector can keep his gun permit and will have the weapons previously seized from his house by police returned to him, following a judge’s order handed down Friday in Superior Court in Morristown.      Steven Hopler, 49, of Rockaway Township won the latest battle in an ongoing war over his Second Amendment rights. The Morris County Prosecutor’s office had asked Judge Thomas Manahan to revoke Hopler’s firearms ID card and seize all guns in his possession, arguing Hopler abused alcohol and posed a danger to others by being a gun owner.   Hopler’s attorney, Gregg Trautmann, said, “First it was, ‘He can’t own guns because he’s blind.’ Now they tried, ‘you’re a habitual drunkard and we think it’s improper because you’re a habitual drunkard.’”

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