Wednesday, February 05, 2014

CO:Armed Father Shoots Dog Attacking his Daughters

A father was forced to shoot a dog to death in front of a local grocery store to protect his daughters who were under attack, the Grand Junction Police Department reported.


Herrera called to the dog, but Sugar did not stop. The dog began biting one of the girls and pulling at her coat, police reported.

“The little girl pulled away and Sugar bit her again,” a police officer wrote in a report.

At that point, the man drew a weapon and shot the dog in a hindquarter, according to police.

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Anonymous said...

Had to do the exact same thing to my neighbors dog this past summer. A total of 3hrs was needed by police and animal control to determine I was justified in putting down an animal that attacked me in my own yard. Lucky for me I am a concealed carry citizen and had my weapon at my side. Tpartee2 in SC