Friday, February 07, 2014

William A Levinson: Gun Control: A War Not a Conversation

 William A. Levinson has written a powerful essay that shows why any "compormise" is not credible.  It is because the other side deals in demonization and lies, and has repeatedly shown that it cannot be trusted to deal in good faith.  Every new infringment is "just a good first step".    I wrote this essay to show how dishonest those who say that "no one is calling for a gun ban" are.

President Obama said previously that the nation needed to have a "conversation" about gun control, and he reiterated this agenda in his State of the Union speech. New York's Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has subsequently boasted that his SAFE Act has criminalized law-abiding gun owners for "offenses" such as having too many bullets in their guns. This helps prove that Cuomo meant exactly what he said when he stated that there was no place for "extreme conservatives" in his state.  Cuomo defined his enemies as those who "oppose abortion rights and favor legalization of assault weapons. 

Barack Obama's ongoing anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, and the SAFE Act, prove that the left wing of the Democratic Party has declared war on all law-abiding gun owners. Moderate Congressional Democrats have, through their silence, given their consent to this agenda. There is not only no place for gun owners, almost all of whom are productive citizens, in New York State; there is no place for them in the Democratic Party.

This is emphatically a war, and not a conversation. The following, along with the Obamacare debacle ("If you like your Democratic Member of Congress, you can keep him"), are all strong arguments for voting straight Republican in almost every House and Senate contest this year. At the state level, Pennsylvanians need to be aware that potential gubernatorial candidate Allyson Schwartz shares Andrew Cuomo's unethical and dishonest position that gun manufacturers should be held civilly accountable for misuse of their products.

(1) The enemy has deployed military-grade hate propaganda against gun owners.

Does any reasonable person believe that a German Jew could have had a constructive win-win conversation with the creators of this poster?

If not, does anybody believe that firearm owners can trust the creators of a cartoon that depicts an NRA member threatening to assassinate the President of the United States? Here is another that shows politicians who support the Second Amendment, along with the Republican Elephant, standing on the graves of the Sandy Hook shooting victims. These are but a handful of countless images whose purpose is to demonize law-abiding firearm owners the same way the Nazis promoted hatred of Jews or, for that matter, the way the Yellow Press fomented hatred of Spaniards in 1898. It is instructive to compare this image of a "Second Amendment supporter," and this one by Steve Benson, to Grant Hamilton's depiction of a Spaniard:

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