Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TX:Dozens Open Carry Rifles in Dallas


Dallas had a significant open carry event on 9 February. Dozens of open carriers participated. estimated 60.
The demonstration by about 60 members of Open Carry Texas was meant to bring awareness to their cause, which is for the Texas Legislature to allow any citizen to carry a pistol in the open just as the law allows carrying of long guns.
Weird that the reporter did not mention that both likely candidates for governor, Greg Abbot (R) and Wendy Davis (D), have come out in support of open carry.

CBSDFW.COM did a better job. They estimated 70 at the event:
More than 70 people with the group Open Carry Texas participated in an open carry walk Sunday afternoon in the Uptown neighborhood in Dallas.
They also mentioned that both candidates that want to occupy the governor's mansion have come out in support of the policy:
Sunday’s demonstration comes just days after Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis told the Associated Press she supports open carry.

Her position aligns her with Republican gubernatorial candidate Gregg Abbott but puts her at odds with many in the Democratic Party.
While most people may see though the political pandering that Wendy Davis is doing, it appears that the tactics of the open carry groups are working. The candidate that opposes Davis for her Texas Senate seat, Konnie Burton, is reported as a strong open carry supporter. From
The primary reason Wendy Davis suddenly discovered she " supports " open carry is that she is worried about losing her Texas State Senate seat to her challenger KONNI BURTON who has been on board for OC all along. Davis knows she has no chance of beating Gregg Abbott.
It is clear that Wendy Davis' gubernatorial campaign is in serious trouble. Is it possible that a second amendment supporter could win her Senate seat, SD 10, as well?

Texas is one of only five states that ban the open carry of modern pistols.

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