Sunday, February 16, 2014

San Diego Sheriff Expects High Volume of CCW Permits

Here is an interesting press release from the San Diego County Sheriff Department.  The Sheriff, William Gore, is up for election in a few months.  The release is decidedly ambiguous, but having worked in bureaucracies, that is to be expected.  No one wants to be seen as making a decision, or telegraphing what the decision is until there has been time to consider the possibilities.

The chairwoman of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors has commented that she has no problems with the Ninth Circuit decision.  From the LA Times:
Dianne Jacob, chairwoman of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, said her initial reaction was positive."I have no problem with law-abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons in the name of self-defense," Jacob said.
It is clear that Sheriff Gore is anticipating a large run-up in CCW applications.    This is a positive indication.  Sheriff Gore is up for election in a few months.  He needs to hear from his constituents. 

Here is the link to the CCW license applications page.

On the licensing page there is this sentence:
 We will continue with existing procedures and all CCW applications will be handled by appointment only.
That will not serve to process a flood of applications.

Here is the link to the San Diego County Sheriff Department facebook page.  I do not see any place to put comments about the CCW process.

I found this email for Sheriff Gore: 

I sent an email and have not received an error message, so it may be a good one.  I called the Sheriff's office and obtained the phone number of the public affairs office:

  (858) 974-2184

I called but no one picked up, and while I waited for several rings, I did not get an answering machine.    They will not be open until Tuesday, 18 February.

Here is the email that I sent to Sheriff Gore:
Sheriff Gore
Thank you for your service.  I would like to offer a campaign contribution, but I wish to be sure of your commitment to upholding the second amendment of the Constitution.
The issue seems quite simple.  The best way for you to show your support of the second amendment is to not appeal the recent Ninth Circuit ruling in Peruta v County of San Diego. 
I look forward to seeing that no appeal has been made, and the ruling is allowed to stand. 
While I am sure that Sheriff Gore is studying the implications of this ruling, it does not hurt to remind him of the strong level of support that exists for the Constitution and the second amendment.

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Anonymous said...

Gore hates private citizens owning guns. He's been pretty vocal about it in the past. I wouldn't expect him to suddenly embrace this new law. I hope he gets voted out in November. I plan on voting against him. Maybe we should all be mailing him copies of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights with the 2nd Amendment circled. He swore to uphold this document but, I don't think he's ever read it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not voing for him either. The only way you can get a CCW in California from all of these corrupt county sheriffs (Baca, Hutchensen, Gore) are to contribute to their re-election funds. They are just as corrupt as Bob Filner. They all need to be shit canned and start fresh with real sheriffs that uphold the law they swore to.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever received their ccw because of a campaign contribution? Campaign contributions are limited to $700 for the year. Surely a $700 contribution wouldn't turn the tables. Anyone have stories?