Sunday, February 09, 2014

TX: Man who Killed Deputy was Justified

As many criminals have taken to wearing shirts with "Police" on them, and shouting: Police! during home invasions, it is not easy to distinguish between a home invasion and a no knock raid.  Warrants are required, in part, so that people can be sure that the person demanding entrance to their home is legally sanctioned to do so.  "No knock" raids should be extremely rare.

A grand jury decided there wasn't enough evidence for him to stand trial on the capital murder charge.

McGee admitted to shooting Sowders before sunrise on December 19th while the deputy and other investigators were serving a no knock search warrant for drugs at McGee's mobile home near Snook.

Magee's Defense Attorney Dick DeGuerin says his client thought someone was breaking into his home and fired to protect his pregnant girlfriend and himself.

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Wireless.Phil said...

This seems like a really stupid reason to have a gun buyback after a child is shot.
That's just my opinion.

Boston plans gun buybacks after shooting death of 9-year-old

Reuters - 5 minutes ago