Friday, October 09, 2015

Leftmedia Lies About Mass Shootings

After every mass shooting, the Leftmedia regurgitates how many of these rampages there supposedly are. Reuters notes, “So far this year, 294 U.S. mass shootings have been reported nationwide.” But here’s the caveat — they’re not even doing their own reporting. That number is “according to the Mass Shooting Tracker website, a crowd-sourced database kept by anti-gun activists that logs events in which four or more people are shot.” Ah, so a small group of malcontents with an agenda runs a propaganda website and Reuters considers it “reporting” to simply relay the numbers.

Worse, as Nick Leghorn of The Truth About Guns points out, “The people who run [it] clearly don’t care about facts. They just care about putting out as big a number as possible to make those evil, insane NRA members look as bloodthirsty and heartless as possible.” He cites two cases in point, in which the website counts incidents involving pellet guns in order to inflate its number of “mass shootings.” When four or 12 people are hit with pellets and live to laugh about it, that’s hardly comparable to nine innocent victims losing their lives in a gun free zone in Oregon.

In looking over Shooting Tracker’s data for 2015, a third of the mass shootings left no one dead; 89 more left only one dead. And no doubt most are gang-related. We in no way wish to minimize these deaths or the problem of bad guys with guns, but propaganda-pushing gun-haters have an agenda, and they deliberately manipulate the data for their own ends.

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