Monday, December 21, 2015

Dave Workman: Seattle Newpaper Demands Gun Ban

Dave Workman hits another out of the park.

UPDATED - Today’s editorial page in the Seattle Times effectively puts the lie to any claim from the gun prohibition lobby – for which an alarming number of newspaper editorial boards now serve as cheerleaders – that “nobody wants to take your guns” by demanding that the state ban “assault-style weapons” and magazines that hold more than ten cartridges.

After the editorial appeared online late yesterday afternoon, almost 200 responses were logged overnight, and they're still coming. Some critics note that the editorial is loaded with anti-gun buzzwords, and allegedly ignorant of facts, most notably that rifles of any kind are used in a fraction of homicides, and that the most recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that more people are now opposed to banning semi-auto rifles, a fact that the equally anti-gun Big Apple newspaper carefully danced around yesterday.

The newspaper apparently could only bring itself to report, “And 44 percent of Americans in this month’s poll said they would favor a nationwide ban on assault weapons, the lowest figure in the 20 years that The Times and CBS News have been asking the question.” That poll, discussed by this column days ago, revealed that 50 percent of the respondents oppose such a ban.

The Times editorial goes a step farther than seeking to ban just so-called “assault weapons.” They also want to ban “tactical” assault-style weapons, whatever those are. The newspaper doesn’t define such firearms.

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Anonymous said...

Let Dave demand all he wants then let Dave go out and start collecting. I'm sure he wants someone else to do that work. He probably would not collect more than one empty gun. That will be the problem when the gun grabbers start collecting, they wont find one loaded gun. and eventually they will run out of collectors.

Wireless.Phil said...

Germany: I don't know their gun laws?

Three people shot dead in German town of Bayreuth
Three people have been killed in the southeastern German town of Bayreuth. Police, who were alerted after shots were fired, are still searching for the identity of the killer.

Wireless.Phil said...

This might answer the gun laws in Germany.

Pepper spray, stun guns and gas pistols are in high demand in Germany
Germans are increasingly buying self-defense products, according to a weapons industry group survey. Citizens are reasoning that if terror attacks can happen in Paris, they could happen in Germany, too.

The survey also found that more people applied for a special permit called a "small weapons license" which authorizes the user to carry pistols and revolvers for shooting blanks, gas and signaling ammunition. The license costs roughly 50 euros ($54), applicants have to be at least 18 years old and don't need to state a reason for their application.

Anonymous said...

You realize that it isn't Dave calling for this. It the bozos at the Seattle Times.