Friday, December 18, 2015

Wanted: Help in Contacting ProTELL Swiss Rights Organization

I am researching an article on suicide and guns in Switzerland, but I need some help obtaining numbers from about the reduction in Swiss militia in the 2004 drawdown, and how the numbers of guns in peoples homes may have been reduced.

It would be very helpful to obtain some detailed suicide data as well, particularly for the militia.

Unfortunately, I do not speak or write German, Italian, or French.  I am sure that there exists a ProTell member who could assist me, but I have not found any  way to contact them.

An alternate possibility would be a person who is fluent in German, French, or Italian who would be willing to work with me to find the data that I need.

I do not expect this to take more than a couple of hours of work.  The data is likely available on public records.

People can contact me at

Dean Weingarten


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Microsoft have a translator function? scan the document translate it and print it.

VIncent said...


i'm not swiss but french. I think i have have found what you re looking for:

i try to translate and send you a mail. Thanks for your blog, very interesting.

Keep fighting for your 2nd amendment. I'm sad that french revolution men didn't wrote french constitution with this.