Monday, December 21, 2015

Rob Morse: Yes, This is a Clue We Have New Gun Owners

Good analysis by Rob Morse:

Some California gun shops told me gun sales were up by over 400 percent the last several weeks. Other shops described a change in the type of customers entering their stores. An unusual number were new customers. They estimated 30 to 40 percent of their customers were first time gun buyers. These new gun buyers were also different in another important way. They did not want to buy their gun and put it on a shelf “just in case”. These recent gun buyers immediately asked about firearms training. I imagine, but could not confirm, that gun shops with a shooting range and classrooms saw a larger surge in sales compared to the shops who did not.

These customers wanted a gun for serious self-defense, and they wanted it now.

I wondered if this reaction was unique to California in general and to the area near the recent muslim terrorist attack in San Bernardino in particular. What is the first thing a shopper would do if they were not familiar with firearms?

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Anonymous said...

Now that more Californians are becoming first time gun buyers and 2A believers, I hope that they begin to vote out anti gun politicians by VOTING IN PRO GUN POLITICIANS!!