Wednesday, December 30, 2015

OH: DGU of the Day Woman Takes on 3 Home Invaders

Three men break into a home in Trotwood, Ohio.  They are all armed.  It is before 6 am, just three days after Christmas, on 28 December, 2015.  One of the men is armed with a Tec-9 pistol.  The other two hold what appear to be conventional semi-auto pistols.  They bypass two sleeping children to find the mother.  The surveillance video shows the three following the mother after they pistol whipped her in the laundry room.

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The man directly behind her has the  Tec-9.  Not shown, he presumably holds her at gunpoint while the other two attempt to drag off a safe, in a room with two more children.

While the two men are occupied with the safe, the woman breaks free from her captor, accesses a hidden pistol, and starts to fire.

All three run, but the Tec-9 gunman, Azikiwe Presley, is mortally wounded.  His body is found 100 yards from the house.  From
"I got my gun and I started shooting and they ran," the female caller told dispatchers. "They all three had guns, I'm confused ... they must not have had bullets because after I pulled the trigger they just took off, instead of firing back. I don't know if I hit one or not, I don't see blood anywhere."

Kipling says that the female of the  species is more deadly than the male.   I have found that female students in my concealed carry courses often said they were not sure if they could shoot someone.   When I ask them if they could shoot someone who threatens their child with death or rape, they always replied with an emphatic yes!, without hesitation.  Then I ask them if they could shoot someone who would deprive their child of their mother.  It always made the point.

In this case, the recipient of that female dedication ran a hundred yards and died.  It is not uncommon for a man who is fatally shot to run that far, even with a heart/lung shot.  As he was likely the one holding the woman at gunpoint, and the closest, greatest, threat with the Tec-9, it is not surprising that he drew the lethal ticket.  Whether through choice or happenstance, the mother made the right tactical decision.

Let us not forget that violent criminals have friends and family and associates.  Azikiwe had quite a few.  A look at his facebook page shows numerous heartfelt regrets at his passing.  From facebook:
I swear this doesnt even seem real you will always be that loud goofy clown with the big heart who would sit and crack jokes with me at lunch at Webber middle I can't believe your gone but know this you will never be forgotten and you will forever be missed my head so messed up right now rest up my buddy I'll never ever forget you
Most people will say, do not do home invasions if you do not want to be shot.  Aziwike's facebook page says he "Studied at University of blood" attended from 2004 to 2008.

Statistics would predict that if he had lived, a 29 year old career criminal would have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of crimes ahead of him in his career.

We will never know if Aziwike would have turned his life around, but the odds were not in his favor.

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I presume that is a photo of the criminal. Charming fellow. Good riddance. Happy and Healthy NEW YEAR to all.
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