Friday, December 25, 2015

Followup FL: Shooting of Fiancee Ruled Accidental

Tragic.  While rare, these tragic situations occasionally happen.

Her finance, Philip Nisa, Jr., 52, was at the scene when deputies arrived. The sheriff’s office said Nisa cooperated with deputies and detectives. They say Nisa told them he accidentally fired his gun at Glenda after mistaking her for an intruder.

"After a thorough investigation by our Criminal Investigations Division, with input from the 19th Judicial Circuit State's Attorney, it is concluded that the shooting on November 19th was a tragic accident," Sheriff Mascara said. "The Gregory and Nisa families were more than helpful and cooperative during our investigation and we continue to offer them our sincere condolences during this difficult time."

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Unknown said...

It's difficult for me to see an incident such as this, knowing only the scant facts available, as a 'tragic accident.' Tragic, yes, but 'accident,' not really.
We just can't harp enough on those Four Rules; The final one, about knowing your target, is most applicable to this shooting, although #2 (never allowing the muzzle to cover a loved one, or anything else not to be destroyed)applies, too.
Just a moment longer taken to properly identify what is on the other end of the gun's sights before firing would've saved a woman's life, and prevented a man's mental torture for the rest of his.
No amount of excitement or fear can justify firing a gun into the body of an innocent.
Now, our Disarmist enemies have one more statistic to use against us, and a woman is dead, for one fraction of a second's stupidity. Sad, tragic, and regrettable, but not an 'accident.'
I choose 'Criminally Negligent Homicide.'