Monday, December 19, 2016

Vista (CCI, Federal) Exec sees Possibility of Price War in .22 Ammo

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When I talked to ammunition insiders at the Shot Show last year, the word was that .22 ammunition production would be increased by 20 percent for CCI and Federal in 2016.  The end of 2016 is here. It looks as though the production increase is a little behind schedule, but is in the process of completion. A revamp of production facilities is occurring for CCI at the Lewiston, Idaho location.

In an interview with Business Profile at the Lewiston Tribune, Marty Zacha, Vice President of ammunition products, talked about .22 rimfire production expansion and the election of Donald Trump. From
BP: Are you seeing any reduction in sales now that a Republican has been elected president and people are less worried about new regulations for guns and ammunition?
MZ: Yes. There's been a few order cancellations. Not a lot, but a few. If you go into a gun store, even right up here at Sportsman's Warehouse or North 40 in Lewiston, you see a lot of guns on the shelf, where a few years ago you wouldn't have seen that. It was harder to find what you really wanted.
BP: What will you do with the upgrade if demand for rimfire ammunition plummets?
MZ: This plan was born more to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Historically in the ammunition market, when things start to go soft, which we're starting to see right now because of the election, it becomes a price war. If the market changes, the rimfire equipment can be switched to manufacture power loads that drive fasteners into steel and concrete in construction and stunners for the meat processing industry. We've done those in Lewiston for years. (for over one half century) That's a very big business for us. It has been anywhere from about 12 percent to 50 percent of what we do in Lewiston. There's points where we can adjust if need be depending on what the market is doing. It could be bigger or we might redeploy somewhere instead of what we originally planned.
BP: Could Vista Outdoor choose not to order equipment for later phases of the project?
MZ: It would take a very dramatic market correction to make that happen.
Note that Mark Zacha suggests a price war in .22 ammunition is a high possibility. President Trump has not been inaugurated. The increased production at the Lewiston facility has not come on line.  The plant should come on line in the next few months.

.22 LR prices have been slowly dropping.  Two months ago, I predicted that we would see bulk .22 LR ammunition for sale at 4 cents a round by October of 2017.

I stand by that prediction.

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Anonymous said...

.22LR has always been a good seller. they were making good money on it when I was selling it retail for 78 cents a box. a real price war should bring it down farther tan 4 cents a round. Time for all reloading supplies to come down too. I expect the cost of manufacturing to go up over time but the raw materials have not increased that much. If EPA gets dumped the cost should go down even farther. supply and demand is responsible for the high retail prices. Now that DHS has all the ammo it could ever use in 20 years, prices for everything should start dropping. When I saw the prices starting to rise I stocked up. I should not need anything until they come back down.

Anonymous said...

Its been my experience that federal ammo is the best quality you can buy. back in the 70s they did million round comparison tests. federal came out on top in all of the tests. Primers, brass, and loaded rounds.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Do they really believe we, the customers would swallow that vomit??? They've been saying all along that they were "supposedly" cranking out as much as they could. Now, they're increasing output by 20%!! Truth: They choked us to drive up the prices, now they're whining about sales slumps. CHOKE ON IT!!! And don't even say, "the customers are hoarding." There's nothing to hoard!! Stores say they've ordered, but nothing materialized. What a crock!

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for a price drop. I haven't been able to find any locally for under 8 cents per round.


Anonymous said...

I hope neckbeards get to eat their own greed, along with a bit of humble pie on the side so they learn a lesson, ammo hording to drive up price to then suffice greed is on par with going after the body of a child- it is the wrongest of wrongs!

Anonymous said...

I use a lot of .22 ammo. ,22 LR and .22 mag. Every special pack I have for extra ammo or cartridge belt is full and I have three GI ammo cans filled to the top with my back ups. every weapon is loaded. I made special speed loaders for my tube fed rifles. I carry them in what works like an arrow quiver. I keep all of my magazines filled and I am still looking for at least four more magazines for my Berretta Garcia 10 shot. model 74

Anonymous said...

Dean: Have you considered starting a page for swapping gun parts, supplies and equipment?