Friday, December 16, 2016

Gun Culture Christmas Tree

My far ranging missionary friend was in Northern Wisconsin a few days ago.  He noticed this gun culture Christmas tree and sent me some photos.

The book is John Lott's famous "More Guns, Less Crime". The belted ammunition appears to be 7.62 NATO linked blanks. Probably left over from a National Guard exercise.

This is a good, environmentally friendly way to celebrate Christmas.

No live trees were harmed to create this display.

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Anonymous said...

some where around here I have four linked, live .50 cal. rounds picked up after the 1963 military exercises from the topok, golden valley,Yucca, Kingman area. people have been finding that stuff for years. Kingman used to be an army air corps station I used to know of places where there were piles of spent brass from machine gun practice and piles of spent bullets. at the end of WW2 many of the war planes were buried at the Kingman base. I used to know people that did the burying.