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Winning the Gun Culture War, Kansas Man Pushes Back (video)

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A Kansas member of the gun culture shows how to win the gun culture wars.  A picture of him sitting on his front porch, holding a rifle, was posted on facebook.  The claim was made that he was upset about people parking in front of his house.
Kyle could have assumed a defensive posture by refusing to grant an interview.  That method became the norm as media cut and edited interviews to make gun owners look bad.  Refusing to go on camera used to be the prudent action. Many in the gun culture have had experience with an untrustworthy media. The Katie Couric lawsuit comes to mind. That may still be the case in anti-rights locations like NYC, or with media based there.

Progress in the culture wars has reached the point that a confident and articulate speaker can push back against the anti-rights narrative. A hoplophobic mother is quoted, but Kyle comes off as normal, level headed, and positive.  From
The picture spread on social media, claiming the man had a problem with people parking by his driveway. But that man, who only wants to be identified as Kyle, said that’s not entirely true. He said parking is a problem in this neighborhood at times, but that’s not the reason he had his gun.

“Didn’t feel like I was bothering anybody,” Kyle said. “I am a hunter, I do like to hunt and I just wanted to sit on my front porch with my gun, I didn’t think that was a big deal.”

But Kyle said he’s had two people confront him, threatening him because he had a firearm.

“He said if I didn’t have that gun I’d cut you up real good,” Kyle said remembering something a man outside his house said to him this week.

Kyle said he’s just exercising his second amendment rights and is always responsible with guns. But parents said it still makes them uneasy with it being so close to a school.
My experience is that local media is mostly honest. Do not give them ammunition. Dress reasonably, be soft spoken, act reasonably, and act knowing that exercising your rights is a positive, responsible thing to do.

Kyle set a good example with his media demeanor.  The entire event was capped with the last two sentences of the video and article:
Officials with the Wichita School District said they are aware of the situation and parent’s concerns, however, they have no reports of the man pointing the gun at anyone or making any threats. They also spoke with police who confirm the man has the right to carry the gun openly.
The old adage bears repeating. Rights are like muscles. If you do not exercise them, you tend to lose them.

A hoplophobe tried to shame Kyle into refusing to exercise his rights. He did not cooperate, and they appeared small and petty. The gun culture is winning the war.

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“He said if I didn’t have that gun I’d cut you up real good,” Kyle said remembering something a man outside his house said to him this week.

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