Thursday, December 29, 2016

WI: UW Madison Students Plan to Duplicate Texas Sex Toy Protest Failure

In 2016, students at the University of Texas at Austin staged a protest involving the public carry of sex toys. The protest was supposed to somehow change people's minds about the exercise of Second Amendment rights on Campus. The protest made national news for a day or two. No discernible effect was noticed at any administrative or legislative level.

The following paragraph has been updated and extended.

As a subjective matter, it seemed to trivialize and demean the protesters, labeling them as juvenile and preoccupied with sex. There appeared to be some sort of rule against the sex toys on campus. It is hard to understand what the point the protesters were intending to make. But it appears to me that the current crop of leftist protesters are obsessed with sex. Because they know little to nothing about guns, they attempt to somehow equate guns with sex, a subject they are much more comfortable with.  Some people have claimed that people who open carry guns are attempting to be noticed.  What does that say about people who march around waving large sex toys?

Now, students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, are planning to duplicate the Austin Texas, failure.

A group of University of Wisconsin-Madison students is planning to carry sex toys on campus to protest a bill that may come before the state Legislature next year.

The bill, currently in drafting stages, said its sponsor, Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, would allow concealed weapons in public college or university classrooms. Concealed weapons are already allowed on campus grounds, but not in buildings.

Kat Kerwin, a sophomore at UW-Madison who is organizing the protest, said concealed weapons will make students uncomfortable in the classroom.

"Campus carry isn’t something that’s going to make campus safer," Kerwin said. "It’s going to make students uncomfortable, it’s going to make them wary to express their views in politically charged classrooms."

Kerwin said she believes professors will feel uneasy as well.

"It’s going to make professors feel unsafe and make professors want to leave and seek other big research universities that don’t have campus carry," she said.
There are differences in the two universities, of course. Both are large, "progressive" public universities. Both strongly depend on the generosity of the people of their state, through the state legislature. The Texas protest took place in nice weather. If the Wisconsin protest hopes to wait for nice weather, they may have to wait until after spring break.

Wisconsin already has campus carry, except for most University buildings. Texas has just implemented the campus carry legislation, including most buildings.

In the gun culture, professors that will not come to a university with campus carry is a bonus. The question has never been "will it make a campus safer?" The demand is "You have no legitimate reason to deny us our rights!"

The image of a couple of hundred frosty "progressive" students parading around in their parkas with their frozen sex toys waving about is almost too good to miss.  I have a contact or two in Madison.  Perhaps I can find someone to take pictures. Don't drop those things on the sidewalk. In below zero temps, they would almost certainly shatter. That is the engineer and meteorologist in me speaking.

Have at it, boys and girls. Should make some great photography!

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