Thursday, January 12, 2017

Followup WI: Accomplice Charged with Murder in CCW Defense Case

People who participate in violent felonies can be charged with the death of their fellow criminals, even if they did not pull the trigger.
On December 27th, Deonte Thomas and Dantel Henderson allegedly tried to rob a man as he was leaving a store near South 66th Street and W. Euclid. The plot was foiled when the victim, who had a concealed carry permit, pulled out a gun and opened fire.

Thomas died on scene, but Henderson survived.

Henderson is now charged with Thomas' death.

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Anonymous said...

There is justice in this world.

Anonymous said...

As I ask with so many other of these examples -
What would have been any different had the man not had a concealed carry permit?
Would it have not been self defense if he didn't have one?
Would the guy have been a criminal actor had he not been permitted?
Does one have any more right to carry than another, and or to defend themselves?
Heck, I will go so far as to admit that even if the guy was a felon, rather than a permit holder, ALL that was done here was exercise of RIGHT, inalienable RIGHT, right to use a possessed firearm in defense.

It pains me that in this enlightened age, so many overlook the obvious.
That the man had a permit doesn't create merit where none existed. The absence of a permit would not have changed the facts of this situation in any way shape or form. Indeed, no gun control law would have benefit here. However, if that person wasn't carrying because they had no permit, the correct outcome would not have been possible.

Focusing on the presence of a permit serves nothing but the ends of those who seek to keep people from their rights via abridgement of an infringing permission slip structure.