Friday, January 13, 2017

WI: Concealed Carry Permits top 320,000 at end of 2016

Wisconsin topped 320,000 concealed carry permits by the end of December, 2016.  As of January 7th, 2017, there were 321,200 active permits. 3,218 new permits were added in December, according to a Wisconsin Department of Justice source. Some permits are expiring, so the rate of increase of active permits has slowed.

There were 315,263 active permits at the end of September, 2016.

Wisconsin has one of the best and most easily accessible shall issue concealed carry permit systems in the nation.  No fingerprints or picture is required. The permit fee is $40, and the training requirement is easily met in a number of ways.

There has been almost no abuse of the permits by permit holders. Permit holders in general are some of the most law abiding people in the United States, with crime rates far lower than police officers.

Only one Wisconsin permit holder has been convicted of an unjustified homicide.  That was a man who claimed self defense.  The jury disagreed and convicted him of manslaughter. With the one unjustified homicide, Wisconsin permit holders have a lower homicide rate than Japan.

The world rate for homicides is 7.6 per 100,000.  The U.S. rate was 4.5 per 100,000 for 2014.  The Wisconsin rate was 2.9 per 100,000.  Japan's rate was .3 per 100,000, still three times higher than the rate for Wisconsin Concealed Permit holders.

The fly in the lovely picture of Wisconsin concealed carry permits is that they are only available to Wisconsin residents.  Most states allow non-residents to obtain permits. Florida and Utah have made a mini-industry of the practice. If only 100,000 people in the rest of the United States applied for a Wisconsin permit, over 4 million dollars would pour into Wisconsin Department of Justice coffers.

The Wisconsin permit would be popular for all the reasons stated above.  Utah charges $37 for a resident permit, and an addition $10 for a non-resident permit. If Wisconsin did the same, it would bring in another million to the State.  Utah has 424,325 non-resident permits and 228,395 resident permits as of June 30, 2016.  It is likely that Wisconsin could top those figures, making the 5 million dollars for the State DOJ an annual increase.

Wisconsin permits can be applied for online.

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Anonymous said...

I could look it up and give the exact passage in the united states constitution but you can take my word for it or look it up for your self. the united states constitution forbids one state from taxing residents from another state for anything that states own residents are not taxed for. that means out of state fees for a carry permit are unconstitutional. the fee would have to be the same for any one from any where. I personally do not support any form of permit or license for a constitutionally guaranteed right. all any permit is, is a tax on a right. It does nothing to stop crime it only raises revenue for the state. when you are willing to pay for a license to speak or to keep your personal paper confidential or go to church then you may have a case for a tax on the second amendment. maybe you think paying a tax for a fair trial should be levied. maybe the states will come up with a permit to prevent the use of search warrants. with a federal firearms license to sell retail is good any where in the united sates and requires an FFL holder to protect any inventory in transit crossing state lines or not. when I had my FFL it was a mandatory five year sentence for the theft of a fire arm.

There was a case in Utah years ago where the state police took an S&W 44 mag from a person from out of state. it was proven to be a completely legal fire arm and the charges were dropped. the 44 mag was never returned.

Texas Rangers tried to take three fire arms from me they were completely legal and I told them to call in and check the law before they did any thing. they called in and told me the Texas border is that direction do not stop until you are out of this state. that call in stopped them from getting shot. I'm not going to put up with gun stealing cops. I refuse to be taxed for exercising a right. or allow some ass hole pinned on a badge to steal my guns. Cops do not have the right to even ask you if you have a fire arm because you are not required to answer any of their questions without an attorney present. If a cop stops you all he can legally do is tell you why he stopped you and write the citation. If he can not see your fire arm he has no authority to force you to incriminate your self and no cause for a search. Unless you are being arrested they have no authority to make you get out of your car. a ruse to get you out of your car is to put you into their jurisdiction. In your car is the same as being in your home. they can demand you come out of your home but legally you do not have to leave your home unless they are arresting you. the Bible states my people suffer from lack of knowledge. No arrest warrant no authority. You do not have to leave your car to blow into a breath analyzer. leave your car and they can charge you with being drunk in public. they love to stack the charges, why help them? Holding a gun on you is criminal assault with a fire arm. For centuries a church has been a sanctuary, you can not be removed from a church even with a warrant. Now how many want to argue that you do not have a lack of knowledge? this all boils down to the fact that you have a federally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, your rights travel with you where ever you are in this country. we have an international border state borders have no value when it comes to exercising your constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

They can tax anything they want to gas, cigarettes, any products to raise revenue but they can not tax a right it is not a guaranteed right if you have to get a permit. self defense is every ones right. I do not care who you are or who you think you are nobody has the right to deny my right to self defense. God gave me that right and nobody is taking it from me.