Wednesday, March 22, 2017

TX: Open Carriers Stop Armed Robbery?

There are two accounts recorded of the incident pictured above. It happened on 12 March, in Tyler, Texas.  One account is from the eye witness who captured the video.  Audio is included with the video. On the audio, someone joins the videographer. The videographer explains what has happened. From the audio in the video:
He tried to knife em, and rob em, and we had two open carrys, and the open carrys took him down.


And that is what an open carry state is all about.
Link to video

In Texas, one license is required for both concealed and open carry of modern handguns.  The Tyler Police Department had a somewhat different view of the event. From
According to a press release by the Tyler Police Department, 34-year-old Chad Boening approached a man and woman in the parking lot between FD's Grill House and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Police say he brought out a knife and threatened the woman saying "do you want to see her die."

Police say that a father and a son saw the incident from their vehicle and confronted the man. Both men brought out their concealed handguns to subdue Boening.
There is no mention of open carry in the police press release. Clearly, the handguns were out in the open when the police arrived.  If the Good Samaritans were in a vehicle when they witnessed the assault, their handguns would not have been visible.

I do not know what knowledge the videographer had of the participants. He considered them to be open carriers.

Unless we can identify the participants, it is unlikely that we can resolve the question of whether the good Samaritans were openly or concealed carrying their handguns.  Clearly, they had licenses to carry.  In Texas, that means that both open and concealed carry are legal.

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willford said...

good job

Anonymous said...

At this rate we may run out of useless thugs soon. Like I have said before, what I worry about is, My belief that everybody legally allowed to be on the street should be allowed to carry. then we are going to start seeing Sam colts claim that level the field and we may start seeing shoot outs so if you carry be a good shot. the more people that carry the more civil the society should be. but just like in the old west it takes time for the losers to lose often enough to cure their attitudes. their attitudes will get buried with them. I am convinced that everyone should carry. the thugs may kill each other off and save the good guys the effort. concealed carry requires extra reaction time, time you my not have. all of my open carry holsters have a hammer catch that is easily slipped off. My shoulder holsters all have snap strap closures. when I am fully rigged up. my waist guns are in my hands and my backups are secured for running. extra ammo is accessible for either hand. If my ammo pouch ever gets hit I may look like a thousand pounds of Swiss cheese but I really hate running out of ammo.