Sunday, March 19, 2017

TX:Denny's and Gun Signs in Dallas

On a Saturday morning in Dallas, Texas, my daughter and I decided to eat breakfast out. My grandson mentioned pancakes, so my daughter decided on a Denny's that was reasonably close, at 4567 Frankford Road.

It took about five minutes to load up a one year old and a two year old into the car, in the proper car seats, and another five minutes to drive to the restaurant.

On the way in, I noticed the 30.07 sign that banned open carry in the restaurant. The 30.07 sign is required by Texas law, if a private property owner decides to restrict open carry on their property. Of course they may allow people to carry on an individual basis, with their explicit permission.

The 30.07 sign only restrict open carry.  In Texas, people who can legally open carry modern handguns also have the right to carry concealed handguns. The 30.07 sign is simply saying "please cover your handgun when on our premises".

I made sure that my vest was covering the Glock 17 in a Fobus retention holster when we entered. With a one and a two year old dining with you, a breakfast can be fairly busy.

Our waitress, Lois, was superb. She immediately brought a good quality high chair for my granddaughter and a coloring book for my grandson, She asked about and brought grapes for him, and volunteered and brought yogurt for my granddaughter. My daughter had mentioned my grandson's name, once, on entering the restaurant.  Lois remembered his name and used it when she referred to him.

She was, quick, polite, attentive, and accurate. I have eaten in a lot of places, and Lois' professionalism, familiarity with children, and attention to their needs, was of the highest order.  The food was very good, the prices reasonable, the atmosphere family friendly. I will be going back.

I found the 30.07 sign to be an interesting compromise, if mildly offensive. On the way out, I let Zahid, who was near the register, know that I found the sign to be offensive, even though the food and service were excellent. Zahid was courteous and very helpful with this review. I gave him my card for Gun Watch.

The positive part of using the 30.07 sign is that it strikes a compromise for all customers.  In Texas, an open carrier need only cover their legally carried handgun.  For the small number of Texans, or visitors from states that have numerous infringements on the Second Amendment, the sign may be of some reassurance. I doubt that many will read beyond the red circle and bar over the 1911 silhouette.

The wording on the sign is in English and Spanish, as required by law. The sign takes up valuable space that could be used for advertising.

I doubt if even the 30.07 signs will stay up for very long.  The number of customers who are offended by the open exercise of Second Amendment rights is dropping daily.

Lois only works at the Denny's on the weekends. She has another job she works during the week.  I am sure that she is very good at that job as well.

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Anonymous said...

I can imagine why the Denny's in Texas are a bit skittish. They seem to be a preferred target for armed crime. At the same time, in 2013 an armed woman drove off a criminal gang at a Houston Denny's.

It takes some people longer to figure these things out, I guess.

Anonymous said...

This is what upsets me about compromise. the business has a city, county, state or country license to do business. that requires them to honor all laws in public. now we get into semantics. what is public and what is private. Denny's is open to the public, the Denny's owner's home is private. No one has the authority to deny a constitutional right except in their own castle. the supreme court has changed that definition several times without anything written. so it is a political determination not a legal one. a classic case of interpretation. In 1964 it was if you were a bonified traveler, the state your vehicle was licensed in was the gun laws that applied. about 1984 the court ruled your vehicle had to have the same amenities as if you were at home, motor home. Not every one travels in a motor home. they still have the right of self defense. If you are an American citizen you are protected by the US constitution where ever you are in this country and the court has ruled no one can deny that right. there is no requirement to buy a motor home to travel across this country. City, county or State lines can no be barrier to exercise your right to self defense. registering a weapon does not prevent its use. a permit does not stop any one from using a weapon. they only accomplish making criminals out of people exercising a constitutionally guaranteed right. a illegal compromise just to please kings loyalist ass hole types is an unconstitutional compromise. Just two languages out of how many hundreds of languages. I though discrimination was illegal. If they want to post a sign it should be written in every possible language, require businesses to pay for that kind of a sign and see how my post it. that law on its face is unconstitutional.

Unknown said...

Leave your card but keep your money.

Anonymous said...

This article got it completely wrong. You need to *read the sign*. It says it is a felony to carry openly if you have a CHL. This is Texas state law & these signs are required to be posted by state law in all establishments that serve alcohol. Denny's has no choice in the matter.

Anonymous said...

The fact is the NRA needs to challenge all state gun laws. Read what is actually written in the constitution. No body can add words to what is written. only the words written are enforceable. I have been to Texas many times and have no desire to go back, staying away keeps me from shooting some of those ignorant people. The entire state seems to be run on the opinion of those in control rather than law. New Mexico is another state I consider worthless. I am thoroughly disgusted with the lameness of the NRA efforts. common sense tells you carry the weapon the way the individual pleases. it is no body else business. the ninth amendment covers the un enumerated right of choice on how to carry. what works for one person may not work for another person. Personally I could care less if you do not like looking at my weapons. you can turn your head. Laws for open or concealed carry are unconstitutional. cops should know the law but very few know enough to keep them out of trouble. I'm just the guy to give them that trouble. I have had to correct judges on what the law actually says. I'm not bashful when it comes to exercising my rights. I physically hate bullies with a badge and unconstitutional laws. Ignorant incompetent activist judges and liberals.

Anonymous said...

The XVIII amendment was repealed Texas has no authority to ad the Qualifier of Alcohol to a law. I wish people would understand the foundation for legal law. we would have a lot fewer laws. Why do we even have a federal constitution if states are allowed to ignore it? Why do we have a tenth amendment if separations of powers is not going to be enforced? the fact that a state belongs to this union is the requirement to enforce the federal constitution and federal laws above the states constitution and state laws. states have no power or authority to amend the federal constitution or federal law. Even article five only allows suggestions from the states to be considered. All of these states making MJ legal are in violation of federal law. since there is no Ex Post facto laws permitted any one investing or working with so called legal MJ laws could be prosecuted. Is that an eye opener? the same can be applied to weapons laws.

Dean Weingarten said...

I do not believe Denny's serves alcohol at that location. I did not see any on the menu.
The only mention I have found of Denny's serving alcohol was in New York.

Anonymous said...

I look at these laws differently. If you have the right of self defense and the right to carry a weapon and Denny's denies you that right. and you happened to be in the Denny's when it gets robbed and you are injured. the entity passing that law (city, county or state)and Denny's should be Liable for denial of a constitutional civil rights violation and all medical bills and punitive damages. the law is clearly an infringement on your right of self defense. the supreme court has ruled, No body can deny you your constitutional rights, that includes businesses and the state. If you are harmed it is their liability. state law is subordinate to federal law and the second amendment is federally guaranteed. the second amendment is National reciprocity.

Anonymous said...

There are no qualifiers in the second amendment any qualifiers added are infringements by definition. words have specific meanings. Infringe has its specific meaning. it is a limit on adding any thing that is a qualifier. Open or concealed carry are qualifiers so are gun safes, permits, trigger locks, loaded or unloaded and so on. by the tenth amendment federal law is superior to state law. words added to the second amendment are amendments, states have no authority to amend the federal guaranteed rights. the ninth amendment states we have rights not listed in and above the rights in the bill of rights one of those rights is freedom of choice , how, where and when you carry is a choice.

I think when the supreme court ruled the right to keep and bear is an individual right It made that ruling to explain to idiots that do not understand that the bill of rights is for all citizens. since it is an individual right then choice of how to carry is an individual choice. this means how you carry or that you do carry can not be regulated by the state. the result or effect of the supreme court rulings added together is that states have no authority to pass second amendment regulating laws. we have a federal constitution and by separation of powers in the tenth amendment states have no authority to amend the federal constitution. Until the NRA argues these facts I want nothing to do with the NRA. a fact is something you can take an oath to it being true.

Anonymous said...

Article VI section two reads as follows " supremacy of the National government"
[2] This constitution and the laws of the united states which shall be made in pursuance there of and all treaties made or which shall be made under the authority of the united states shall be the supreme law of the land.

The effect of this is that all federal laws are superior to all state laws. any thing in the federal constitution that is addressed in that constitution is supreme to state laws. by the tenth amendment any thing not addressed in the federal constitution is left to the states and if the state constitutions do not address the issue then the issue is left to the people. the issues must be addressed by specific wording not by laws and acts passed after the constitution is ratified by federal or state ratification. every thing else requires a constitutional amendment. the authority to require a permit or a license to exercise a right may come by an amendment. words added that are not present in the constitution are illegal violations and are void. trigger lock, gun safe, license, permit , open or concealed are all unconstitutional violations.