Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Arrived in Las Vegas for Shot Show, 2019

It was an easy trip of from Yuma to Las Vegas for the Shot Show. I took Arizona 95 up to I 40, then West to the Colorado river, then on 95 again up the Arizona side to Bullhead City.

I added a couple of miles but avoided California that way, crossing directly into Nevada from Arizona.

I will be at the Ammoland breakfast this morning.

Bullhead city had the cheapest gas on the route. I saw it as low as $2.11 a gallon, but it was only a couple of miles from the dam where you cross the Colorado.   Only a few miles out, I saw it as high as $2.67 for regular. 56 cents difference for a gallon of gas in five miles.

It seems considerable higher in Las Vagas.

More from the Shot Show. 


Anonymous said...

Dean Please see if any one at the shot show has magazines for a PB-74, 10 round .22, I would like to get four of them but I cant get to the show, this time. Maybe you could post their contact information?

ExpatNJ said...

Dean -
Praying for your safe travel.
Thank you for all you do.

Dean Weingarten said...

To Anonymous:

I did not get your message until after my return from the Shot Show.

Could you be more specific on the magazines you are looking for?

Make and model of the firearm would be helpful.