Thursday, January 17, 2019

Boston Mayor Wants to Mandate Doctors to ask if Patients own Guns

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh wants to mandate that Doctors teach patients about gun safety. It appears to be another Orwellian definition. Gun safety in these circumstances seems to mean getting rid of guns. There is no mention of using known gun safety experts who have been working on the subject for decades. From
Involving doctors in gun safety: This act would require medical professionals to ask patients about guns in the home, and bring up the topics of gun safety. The goal, Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said, is to identify those at risk for domestic violence, suicide or child access to guns in order to guide people to mental health counseling, resources or other help. “We’re just asking them to help identify ways to save lives,” Gross said.

The fact that a patient owns guns would not be put in their medical record, and is not intended to have physicians help solve crimes.

Chief of Health and Human Services Marty Martinez said that while the program is already common practice at many of the city’s community health centers, legislation would broaden the program statewide.
The claim is the ownership of guns will not be put in a patients medical records. If not, how will the ownership of guns help to "guide people to mental health counseling, resources, or other help"?  Maybe the information will be stored somewhere else.

This is part of the Progressive push to medicalize all of society. Some of the first big wins of Progressives were to exclude medical issues from most Constitutional protections, in the name of "safety".  The big issue was mandatory vaccinations. Mandatory vaccination arguably violates the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution.

That is the model being pushed with guns.

There are big differences.

No one claims smallpox is a Constitutional right.

Half, or more, of the population understands that being armed offers many advantages to the person armed. It is why Americans tenaciously support the Second Amendment.

The tactic used by Progressives to undermine and destroy the Second Amendment is to propagandize the population into believing they are safer when they are disarmed. Rudyard Kipling had an answer to in his poem, Gods of the Copywrite Headings:
When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "Stick to the Devil you know."
It is a longtime tactic of those who want the population disarmed.

Nearly all health journal studies about firearms have the same basic fallacy: They assume that firearms only have bad effects. They fail to consider positive effects. It is as if they tested a new treatment, and only checked to see if there were bad side effects, and never considered if the treatment worked.

Most of the health journal studies have this blind spot, because the authors have chosen to be unarmed. They do not wish to learn that being armed has positive effects. To do so would challenge their world view. People become very uncomfortable when their world view is challenged.

There is at least one study about firearms and outcomes, published in a medical journal, that did not assume firearms always resulted in bad effects. Their  finding was the increases in the legal carry of firearms had no effect on homicides or violent crime.

Requiring doctors to ask patients about gun ownership stigmatizes gun ownership. It is a way of chilling the exercise of Second Amendment rights.

Mayor Walsh is not part of the Massachusetts legislature. But he has a large influence in state politics.

Massachusetts is one of the least Second Amendment friendly states in the Union.

Will the legislature require doctors to ask about gun ownership in Massachusetts?

They may. It diverts attention away from the high homicide rate in Boston.

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Anonymous said...

Bit by Bit, slowly I turned, Bullshit is bullshit. They first make it a request then they make it a demand then they make it a crime. There is no damn doctor that has any right or authority to ask questions about firearms ownership and it should not be accepted into our culture to make it common place to allow our privacy to be violated. I have seen thousands of people die for any number of reasons and telling a doctor that you own weapons could never have saved any of them. I worked the emergency trauma room for over 20 years. I have seen every kind of trauma any one could possibly think of. The only kind of trauma any one can prevent is being ready to put a stop to Morons that intend to harm someone. Shoot the bastard and let the bastard suffer the trauma. I have seen too many people killed by trigger happy cowardly cops. Firearms ownership and the safety issues that go with it is an individual responsibility, We have laws that hold the irresponsible accountable for their incompetence. Until someone invents a pill that prevents accidents, accidents will always be with us. Laws never prevent crime they merely identify what is a crime. People intent on violating the laws never concern themselves with what the law is. Some laws create criminals and some laws should never exist. The supreme court has ruled that laws repugnant to our constitution, including our bill of rights, are void on their face. People that right , pass and sign laws that violate our constitutional rights should be charged with sedition and or treason because they violate their oath of office to uphold and enforce the constitution. We are a nation of laws we are not governed by opinion that changes from election to election.

ScienceABC123 said...

Translation: Martin Walsh: "Doctors will spy for us in our efforts to come up with a list all gun owners."

Anonymous said...

Should a doctor ever ask me if I own guns, I will respond by asking him/her if they have ever been sued for malpractice. My gun ownership, or lack thereof, is none of their business.


ExpatNJ said...

I have found this to be the clearest and most comprehensive advice and strategy about fighting back against overly-nosy physicians who improperly inquire about firearms ownership/use:

"What to Do When Your Doctor Asks About Your Guns"
- by Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership


2-page printable succinct instructions:

Dean, please consider placing a link to them on your home-page: