Tuesday, January 15, 2019

MA: Father Fires Warning Shot, Drives off Armed Robber

When the seller – a 15-year-old boy – approached the rear passenger window and showed his iPhone , the buyer pulled a white framed handgun from his waistline and pointed it at him.

Startled and in fear for his life, the boy ran away from the vehicle shouting “gun!” And while looking back, the young man tripped and fell to the ground right after noticing the man still pointing the handgun at him…

When boy’s father witnessed his child fall to the ground shouting “gun,” he pulled his own gun and fired a “warning shot” into the air, effectively causing the robber’s vehicle to immediately flee the driveway in an unknown direction.
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Anonymous said...

Personally I am totally against firing warning shots. Once you stop a criminal you prevent his future crimes against some one else. Letting criminals get away does not change their behavior. doing time with a limp may have a long lasting effect.