Sunday, January 20, 2019

Leftist Tribal Activist Attempts to Intimidate, Provoke, Youth in MAGA Hat, Fails

On 18 January, 2019, during the March for Life in Washington, D.C., another much smaller event was also scheduled. It was the first Indigenous Peoples March.  The video at the link shows there may have been a couple of hundred at the march, compared to many thousands at the 46th March for Life.

Nathan Phillips, an Oklahoma elder and Native American activist, was drumming and chanting during the two events. He moved away from his group and approached a group of pro-life teenagers, some of who were wearing MAGA hats.

The video can be seen below. Phillips gets right into the young man's personal space. It appears Phillips is trying to intimidate him, to get him to move or flinch, or push back. At one point Phillips drum appears to touch the young man's shoulder. Phillips beats the drum literally in the young man's face.  The drum stick is flashing by, only inches from his nose. At the same time, Phillips is chanting/screaming directly into the young man's face.  It appears to be an attempt at provocation by Phillips.

The young MAGA hat wearer refuses to be intimidated or provoked into a reaction that can be used against him.

It does not matter. The Washington Post runs a story claiming the young MAGA hat wearer showed disrespect by "smirking" at Phillips.

Phillips was involved in another incident in Michigan, where he claimed to have been disrespected. No evidence but his testimony was apparent. From his account, he appears to have provoked any incident that might have happened in Michigan.

At, the writer tries to portray the incident as teenagers in MAGA hats ridiculing, mocking, and taunting Phillips.

Some of the commenters there watched the video and are not buying the "mocking" narrative.

from onlygirl:
The elder demanded that boys attention, and the boy stood there and willingly gave it. The elder made him a part of it and the boy accepted by respectfully giving his attention to the elder. My sons who are half native would have done the exact same thing. Honestly to me it looks like the kids were enjoying it and the elder made them a part of it. I guess people want to find something to be offended about. There is nothing wrong with making america great again either. His hat is just a hat.
 from Red C:
No disrespect seen by the kids. The elder activist confronted THEM, while they were minding their own business, broke away from the march. They said and did nothing racist or demeaning, just danced and tried to chant along, or stood silently in their discomfort and tried to have a good time in spite of not knowing just how to react to a grown man approaching them whose culture they were not part of. Bullying and hating on these kids by the leftist agenda divisive SJWs at ICTMN is the abuse here. And I am native.

Watch the video, make up your own mind. Social Justice Warriors are piling on. They have given out the number of the school the  teens came from. They claim to identify the teen who silently stood and endured the provocation by Phillips.

This is a creating of an outrage from nothing, unless you consider the obvious provocation by Phillips.  It was created for the media, to show the power of the left to intimidate and cower anyone who is not in one of their favored identity groups.

This is how fake news is created.

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Link to Gun Watch

Update: Video of Phillips approaching students. He went to them, not the other way around, as the fake news is reporting.

Link to new video


Meremortal said...

Everyone needs to see if anything happened earlier for possible context. The red hat kid did nothing at all wrong, no one did anything but watch, most were smiling. These kids didn't grow up on western movies and TV, they have no clue what this crazy old man is about with his little drum.

Unknown said...

Wearing a Trump hat, does not, in any way actually mean they are Trump supporters. It’s a very simple little game that those who hate Trump so much can play, just cause a problem, make sure the media are right up there in front, put some Trump hats on them, and MAGICALLY you have “Trump Supporters disrespect native elders!!!”.

So sad that things have evolved, or more correctly de-evolved to the point that politics is presently at.

The hatred is sadly proof of how little, if at all, that the human race has progressed beyond the animals. Animals react generally by instinct, and relatively little by intent or thought. Humans are supposed to be intelligent, using instinct in addition to thinking through a massive amount of choices before acting. But. The hatred, choreographed by a very small number of individuals looking for power and fortune, power to control the world as some twisted God. Spending money to have demonstrations, uprisings, generating hatred with false information in order to control. How many people who have simply tried to unmask these people have died in “mysterious” circumstances, and continue to die, simply because they don’t want their true intentions to be made public.

Soros has spent millions to cause dissent, to encourage imigrants to try and storm borders and spread lies in order to gain the power he and his associates crave.

This new game, harassing native elders wearing Trump hats in order to have everyone blame Trump is an embarrassing attempt that is far too transparent for anyone to take seriously, other than the paid, biased media whose intentions are to spread the lies they create in hopes of creating more hate.

No, the human race has not evolved beyond the animals, at all. We need to learn from them, they do what they do by instinct, humans do what they do by intent, knowing exactly what result is expected... power, fame, money, but mostly control of all they see.

The problem is, it’s the 99% against that 1%, and that 99% just aren’t as stupid as that 1% think they are, and that 1% are seriously pissing off that 99%.