Wednesday, January 16, 2019

NE: Armed Owner's Son Protects Woman, Employees from Man with Knife

The woman said the man with the knife was high on meth.

Amato's son, Tony, said he saw the man make his way around the building to the back door, which leads to the kitchen, eventually forcing it open.

"When he stepped in, his knife was in his hand and he kind of lunged," Tony said, "and that's when I went from finger off the trigger to finger on the trigger, and I told him 'I will shoot, I will shoot.'"

This is the first time Tony has had to point his gun to protect his family's restaurant, he said.

"I have always worried about Tony having a gun, but thank God he had a gun," Amato said.

After throwing his knife away and backing out of the kitchen, Amato says the man climbed on top of the car and started screaming.
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