Saturday, June 08, 2019

AZ: Carjacking Suspect Stopped by Armed Plumber

Lesueur owns a plumbing company and says he was in his work truck driving to a job when he confronted Corder. He says he didn't want to give up his "livelihood" without a fight, so he grabbed the gun he stores in the door panel.

"I stuck it in his face and said, 'Get out of my truck! Get out of my truck! I'm going to blow your head off!'" says Lesueur. "He was freaking out."

Lesueur says the suspect took off nearly running him over, so he opened fire.

Corder wasn't hit.

"I'll be honest, I'm glad I didn't kill him, you know," says Lesueur. "Maybe he'll get his life in order. I don't know. That's between him and God."
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