Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Arrived in DC a little before Midnight, Checked into Crystal City Hilton on 6 Jan, 2021


On the trip to the District of Columbia (DC), the flight from Yuma to Dallas was not filled. It had a few empty seats. It was about 95% full. 

In the Dallas Fort Worth airport, I identified some fellow protest attendees waiting for the flight to DC. The were happy to be supporting President Trump, but serious about what is happening in the United States.

At the end of boarding flight 2222 to DC, it seemed to have empty seats. Then a rush of late boarders filled every seat. Their flight had been delayed. They had to run to catch flight 2222.

Those late borders were Trump supporters. The were a little boisterous. The flight crew was not happy with chants of "Four More Years". 

After someone on the crew threatened to dump the passengers in Tennessee, there was no more chanting. 

Everyone wanted to get to their destination.

We were one of the last flights to arrive at DC. 

The weather looks good for the Protest, as this is written on Wednesday morning. 6 January, 2021. 

In the lobby this morning, there seem to be quite a few President  Trump supporters.

 Dean Weingarten

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