Tuesday, January 05, 2021

On my Way to Washington D.C. to Cover the 6 January Support President Trump Protest

 At the Supreme Court, trip in 2019.


Today, 5 January, I will be traveling to Washington DC, to cover the election protest at the Capitol, which is also a support for President Trump rally.

I will be arriving late, so I do not know when the next posts will be. With luck, I will be able to do a quick update before going to the rally tomorrow.

The weather is expected to be good. My estimate for the number attending the rally is between 100,000 and 3 million. 

Tomorrow, we will see what happens. 


Dean Weingarten


Bigus Macus said...

Take care stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Tonight practice bobbing, weaving and ducking and stand behind things that may stop flying bullets. Wear a flak jacket and a steel pot too. Dumbocraps will be out in force.

Anonymous said...

As I suspected trouble making trash infiltrated the peaceful protest and made the Good intentions into some thing completely different. The trash infiltrated to ruin as much of the effort as possible. One got shot I hear that person died. Not so good for the intended peaceful demonstration. Just like the 8,000 poll watchers, when did they register as republicans how many changed their registration from Dumbocraps to Republicans to be hired as republican poll watchers? I noticed in one of the videos the same person was a poll worker if you use the same poll workers and have RINO poll watchers what was accomplished with all of the extra poll watchers? Insurance for the corruption to continue!! Georgia Republicans had the lead up to 75% of the vote count then they lost. The counting is not over yet the dumbocraps have claimed victory. The rush is on to approve the votes No time left to get proper and legal results. Not nearly enough scrutiny for this election The dumbocraps have gotten away with stealing another election.