Sunday, January 03, 2021

TX: Homeowner Shoots, Wounds Teen Car Burglary Suspect

 The article is very sparse on details. It notes the homeowner is cooperating with police, and is unlikely to be charged. 

In most cases which are similar, there is an escalation. The armed homeowner commands the suspect to stop the illegal activity. The suspect refuses, confronts the armed homowner, and attacks, attempt to disarm, or otherwise threatens the homeowner, who then uses their weapon to defend themselves. 

While it is unknown if that is what happened in this case, it is the most likely scenario, because the police say the homeowner is cooperating and is unlikely to be charged.


FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - A south Fort Worth homeowner shot a teenager who was allegedly breaking into his vehicle.

"I guess he met the wrong homeowner last night," says Fort Worth officer Tracy Carter of Braxton Criddle, 19.

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