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The Most Organized Pro-Trump Group at the 6 January Protests were the Chinese Anti-Communists

 Anti Chinese Communist Party Banner at Trump Rally 6 January, 2021

The fight to restore and retain the most basic freedoms in the United States may be most well understood by people who have experienced oppression in other parts of the world. Most of the world has no First or Second Amendment rights.

The most organized group at the pro President Trump rally/ stop the steal protest were the Chinese Americans warning against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At the Washington Monument, they had pavilions and banners erected praising President Trump and warning against the danger of the Chinese Communist Party. Almost certainly many of those supporting President Trump had directly experienced the totalitarian rule in China. Most had probably lost relatives in the Great Leap Forward. They could see what was happening in the United States with a clarity lacked by many Americans.

Chinese Americans for Trump Banners and Pavilions near Washington Monument, courtesy Dean Weingarten

As Trump supporters, patriots and attendees walked along the Mall toward the Washington Monument, there were many Chinese Americans asking for signatures to oppose the CCP and handing out literature. They were well organized. In perhaps 3/4 of a mile, this reporter saw a dozen couples stationed along the way. This couple was happy to pose for a photograph.

Couple collecting anti-CCP signatures and handing out literature on 6 January, 2021, courtesy Dean Weingarten

Closer to the Capitol, this wall of signs protesting the disputed election, and the close ties between former President Joe Biden and the CCP were prominently displayed for all passersby. This sort of display takes planning, forethought and organization.

No Go China Joe wall of signs near Capitol on 6 January, 2021, courtesy Dean Weingarten

The anti- Chinese Communist Party group had an organized car caravan driving around the capitol. Their signage was clear. It took time and efforts to create those signs and organize the caravan.

Anti-Chinese Communist Party caravan around the Capitol on 6 January, 2021, courtesy Dean Weingarten

The spelling on the sign below is less than perfect, but the message is clear. Those who have lived under the rule of the CCP are warning the citizens of the United States.  There were other, smaller, individual  protest signs against China Joe as well, displayed by people who did not appear to be from China.

The Chinese Communist Party plan to dominate the world and supplant the United States as the foremost world power are now well known. The best, most unified and clear exposition of that plan is put forward in The Hundred Year Marathon,  The author is a noted sinologist, who speaks and writes fluent Mandarin. He supported the transfer of wealth and technology to China for decades, until he became aware of the Chinese plan to use the largess of the west to supplant the United States as the dominant power in the world. President Trump made the world aware.

There were several smaller groups which had organization and cohesion. The most prominent were the Proud Boys. As a group, they seemed to have the largest percentage of black and Hispanic members. I did not see them engage in any violence, although they chanted their antipathy toward Antifa.

After the rally/protest/march, this reporter and a correspondent from Italy had a conversation. Max, as the correspondent introduced himself, said the whole world was watching the events in Washington, D.C. 

He said the whole world is facing an extenquishment of freedom for the foreseeable future. Your rights, he said, are being taken away in small nibbles, so you do not notice. You give up a little here, a little there, and soon you have no free speech. He said free speech no longer exists in Europe in any real sense.


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