Thursday, January 07, 2021

Quick Update on Trump Rally/Protest/March on 6 January, 2021

Trump Rally on 6 January, 2021 at Washington Monument

At the Trump rally in DC, which started at the Elipse, from the Washington Monument toward the White House, the crowd was already large and growing by 9 am. 

The audio system was completely inadequate to the task. Most participants could hear something was being said; few could understand what was being said.

There was a strong ethnic Chinese presence, protesting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and warning against CCP world domination. 

They may have been the largest, most organized group as a part of the Rally/Protest. Even so, they were a small minority. The large majority of the attendees were unorganized Trump supporters. 

There was not much of a plan, and quite a bit of hope. 

The protest was remarkable. It was middle aged and middle class. These were people with jobs, families, and things to lose. 

They were there because they saw the Republic at risk. 

Dean Weingarten

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Unknown said...

Trump Supporters at the Capitol yesterday’s event in Washington DC told people to stop damaging property. For some reason Big Media doesn’t want to report this.

Yesterday after the President spoke in Washington, the million or so followers of the President marched to the Capitol. This is when some individuals in the crowd started damaging the Capitol building. When this occurred, the Trump supporters in the crowd starting yelling at them and telling them to stop. Former New York City Police Chief noted this in a tweet: