Friday, January 06, 2023

Kevin McCarthy is Compromised Because of his Girlfriends/Mistresses

Kevin McCarthy and Family, Image from Republican Leadership

On the Russ Clark Radio Show, on Thursday Morning, at about 7:30 a.m., George Braun, Russ' Washington Correspondent, revealed why Kevin McCarthy is unsuited to be Speaker of the House.

Braun alleged it is an open secret inside the beltway, that McCarthy, who George has known for a long time, is a serial womanizer with multiple girlfriends/mistresses. George claimed McCarthy's wife, Judy McCarthy, in California, has had her silence purchased with a cushy Republican Party job to the tune of $300,000 a year. Emily Judy stays in California and plays the dutiful wife, while Kevin plays in the District of Columbia. McCarthy is one of the richest members of Congress, with a reported net worth of 95 million dollars.

It is not unusual for powerful, wealthy men to have multiple girlfriends/mistresses.  It is dangerous for them to be in positions of political power where their weakness can be leveraged by the Media and Deep State operatives.

What makes the allegations so toxic is infidelity was precisely the excuse used by Democrats against one of the most effective Republican Speakers of all time, Newt Gingrich.  

This gives a partial explanation of why Democrats and Deep State operatives are happy to have McCarthy as speaker. His numerous infidelities render him vulnerable to being compromised. Thus, He is potentially controllable. 

The New York Post reported it was an accusation of an affair with another House Member in 2015, which caused McCarthy to withdraw his bid for the House Speaker position. 

Kevin McCarthy runs as a devout Catholic. So did Nancy Pelosi. But Nancy Pelosi's hypocrisy in supporting abortions for all, without any limits, was protected from criticism by the dominant Progressive Media. 

Kevin McCarthy cannot count on Progressive Media allies to protect him from exposure and a strong political media campaign. He is a Republican. Thus, he is vulnerable, unlike Nancy Pelosi. This makes Kevin McCarthy unsuitable as Speaker of the House. He has too much baggage, rendering him subject to leftist and Deep State pressure. 

Infidelity is one of those issues to which the Democrats gleefully apply double standards. When it is a Democrat such as Bill Clinton, infidelity is a private affair, only about sex, which "everyone" lies about.

When it is a Republican such as Newt Gingrich, then infidelity is a serious matter, showing lack of character, for which the perpetrator should be stripped of office.


This is how the Deep State/Progressives use the Media to control politicians and policy.  Previously, it was famously stated that a scandal is not a scandal until the Washington Post says it is a scandal. The Washington Post has lost tremendous credibility throughout the United States and the world. But, inside the Beltway, the post is emplematic of the ability of Progressives and the Deep State to decide what is a scandal, and what is not, by the old legacy media. 


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