Thursday, January 26, 2023

TN: Woman has Car Jacked, Finds Same, Gunfight Ensues

Driving around near the area with her fiance, looking out of her mother’s car, Wiggins said she immediately recognized the car driving behind them.

“I said, ‘babe, that’s the car’. So, I immediately call the police, 911.”

While on the phone, Wiggins said the teens started “literally shooting, the passenger is shooting at us, because they seen, they ran the stop sign, they seen me go through. They, like, ‘yeah she following us.'”

Wiggins said that’s when she started firing her own gun back at the fleeing suspects before the teens crashed the stolen SUV head-on into a car on Kings Lane.

“If you are a teenager at 4 o’clock in the morning, you should be getting ready for high school or school, not out jacking people for their cars,” said Wiggins. “Then for it be kids, just think if I did have my gun and I shot and they shot and we going back and forth at my job and they could have killed me, or I could have killed somebody, because somebodies kids out jacking people.”

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