Wednesday, January 11, 2023

LA: Mother Shoots, Kills Career Criminal who was on Parole

HAMMOND - A convicted felon was shot to death after he forced his way into a house while armed with a shovel and lug wrench, deputies said.

According to the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office, deputies found Robert Rheams, 51, dead at the home on Klein Road after responding to a reported home invasion early Sunday morning. Deputies later learned the victim was there with her two young children when Rheams got into the home.


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Mike-SMO said...

I recall a state ent tbat the female is the most deadly of any species,

'specially when her younguns are around.

Anonymous said...

WELL I'm A MALE, I THINK THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THN SMALL CHILDREN. IT IS MY NATURE TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE PROTECTED. A man one was being mean to my 5 year old daughter. she complained to me so I asked him to stop My ex wife always wanted to see me fight. after that fight she never wanted to see me fight again. after that guy recovered, took about ten weeks he was no longer mean to my daughter Too bad he never pulled a gun his problem would have been solved in less than a second. I not only know how to fight well I am a weapons expert. The idiots that hate concealed carry and try to stop others would probably change their minds if they were in a gun free zone soft target for intentional harm and some meth head jerk pops in to cause trouble. I worked a drug head rehab unit, most of the clients were corporate CEO's or movie stars If the rehab is successful great if not let them draw on me and end their troubles. Problem is you never know where you might need to act defensively Gun free zones are just an advertisement for soft targets What should be the law is if you fire in a gun free zone as the instigator deadly force should be required. Gun free posted zone should mean if you use your weapon unlawfully you just got your self killed.