Thursday, February 15, 2024

AR: Domestic Defense, Brother Shoots Husband of Sister

The call logs began at 11:25 PM, with a caller to 911 stating that his sister’s husband, Hunter Allen, had struck his sister and mother. The name of the caller is redacted but is known to be off-duty Trumann officer Brett Williams, who was already at the address at County Road 506 in Monette.

The caller stated he had a firearm pointed on Allen. The dispatcher reported that the caller said there were too many people there for him to keep wrestling with the subject, indicating a physical struggle had already begun. The caller was armed with a Glock 15 and identified himself to dispatch as an off-duty officer for the Trumann Police Department. According to the 911 call, Hunter was intoxicated and eventually went into the house with the caller’s sister, locking the door. The mother and step-father were locked outside. The line went dead after this.

At 11:29 PM, a second caller was noted in the log. At 11:30 PM, dispatchers logged that the sister’s husband had been shot in the chest. The male shooter was standing out front. 911 instructed him to put the firearm away and to have his hands up when officers arrived.

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