Thursday, February 15, 2024

CT: Man shoots Armed Robbery Suspect in Self Defense

It was around 5 a.m. Saturday. Garden Street was quieting down.

It was a night of rowdy house parties and clubbing.

One man sells hot meals to hungry people afterwards.

That’s when a second man, Adrian Easterling, allegedly tried robbing him, then killed the man’s friend, Akeem Williams.

“He walked in with a mask all blue dressed down as soon as he come in, he take the ring off the dude finger. As soon as he take the ring off his finger, he shot him,” the man said.

This man then sprinted into the kitchen, put a bullet in the chamber, and fired back at Easterling, killing him. Police are investigating.

“My gun was already on me but there was nothing in the head so if I reach for it do this, he gonna got me and I just seen him shot somebody right in front of my eyes,” said the man.


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